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We are capable to participate in the decision of problems of animal industries

In uchebno - a pilot farm uchhoze « Uralets »   it is constantly conducted both educational, and scientific work on improvement of flock of a horned cattle. Here plays value each of factors, this variety of fodder diets for increase nadoja milk, it is selection telochek on an exterior and the form of an udder, suitable for machine milking.

in various cattle-breeding economy of area experts of faculty of veterinary medicine constantly spend an estimation of a status of a thyroid gland of newborns telochek that is important for forecasting of formation of reproductive function of efficiency of cows.

It is conducted scientifically - research work on comparative morphology of a mammary gland belkovomolochnyh and zhirnomolochnyh cows, essential differences are revealed that us as scientists aims at selection belkovomolochnyh the cows which milk is the most valuable to maintenance of ability to live of a human body.
milk – it « life juice » - so named its Ibn Sina.

Our educational institution carries out the big work on maintenance of productive longevity of animals and not only in Uchhoze « Uralets » but also on a basis hozdogovorov in other economy of area. Students receive all necessary knowledge, skills and abilities on laboratory researches, lectures and in practice in the advanced cattle-breeding economy.

our graduates work in agrofirms of our area and behind its limits. Studying an advanced experience of the best cattle breeders and introducing results of scientific researches of our scientists an educational economy « Uralets » is one of the advanced economy of area.

unfortunately neither in 2009, nor in 2010 it is not allocated any thousand roubles from the area budget for development of scientific researches on problems of animal industries of area and an agrarian science as a whole.

scientists of our high school will be glad to co-operate with business partners, investors and power structures in problems of animal industries of area.


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