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In youthful library give out electronic books

Occurrence electronic chitalok - « readers » sooner or later will turn all book market of the world. Because their lacks — the high price, fragility, the small screen — with each new model disappear. And worthiness — unlimited access to the world literature in any language — will block love to the paper book even at such zealot of reading, as I.

Here only libraries disturbed me — how they will endure invasion of readers? After all it will be awfully a pity, if libraries have to be closed. But, seemingly, and this problem is solved. The first experience with electronic books in Vladimir is put in regional youthful library. About results to speak while early, but it is very probable that the new way of reading will appear claimed.

the Price of the electronic book — 11 437 roubles.
a photo: Peter SOKOLOV

the Youthful library has bought three electronic « chitalki » on the means allocated under the regional program on acquisition of library funds. The price of one device — 11 437 roubles. Thanks to the tender for purchase of books and magazines it was possible to save, and on the remained money readers and the touch monitor established in department of cultural leisure have got.

Electronic books will stand out in a reading room - the same as paper. Home devices do not plan to give out, yes in it and there is no sense — worthiness of the reader that in one « chitalku » it is possible zakachat huge volume of the literature — to ten thousand books. In the first already zakachali all well-known « Moshkov`s Library » from the Internet — about five thousand books. In the second — that has appeared accessible to downloading from the Internet with observance of the author`s legislation. That will be in the third — while employees of library think.

- It would be desirable zakachat textbooks, but there there are complexities with copyrights, - the director of library Nikolay Zolin has told. - at downloading we watch observance of copyrights strictly.

Four kittens have already taken away, behind the fifth there is a turn, but librarians to give it do not hurry — can, change of Steshe will grow.
a photo: Peter SOKOLOV

Use of electronic books - readers in libraries can appear very favourable. Prospects for rural libraries where money for purchase of normal quantity of books does not suffice are especially good, and it is not enough readers. The price of one electronic book — 10 - 12 thousand roubles, and paper — from 200 to 400 roubles. In one reader it is possible zakachat all Russian and world classics that will strongly save money for purchase of books, without speaking about book-depositories and expenses on their maintenance. It is necessary to convince rural schoolboys what to read « Evgenie Onegina » from the electronic device, sitting in library — it cool!


the Cat - the manager has given birth to five kittens

last year we wrote about a cat of Steshe, which « works » The manager in regional youthful library — sits in department of the subscription and even is registered among the personnel. In the summer Stesha has given library a surprise — without departing from a workplace, has given birth to five kittens. Three greyish and two ryzhyh, in the father — dropped in here on spring in library ryzhyj kotjara. Four kittens have already taken away, behind the fifth there is a turn, but librarians to give it do not hurry — can, change of Steshe will grow.