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For inhabitants of Don payments for utilities will increase no more than for 15 percent

on September, 24th in Regional service under tariffs of the Rostov region preliminary hearings concerning an establishment of limiting indexes of change of the established tariffs of services of the organisations of a municipal complex the next year - taking into account extra charges in sphere of water supply, water removal and sewage treatment on the average on municipal unions have taken place. Representatives of the Don parliament, the regional ministries of housing and communal services, and also the Ministry of Labour have taken part in these hearings and sotsrazvitija, city public organisation « the Rostov union of protection of the rights of consumers » Federations of trade unions of the Rostov region. 18 municipal unions of area have taken part in meeting and 28 organisations of a municipal complex of area.

- Despite the termination of powers of local governments on regulation of municipal tariffs (as it is known, about one month back the right to establish tariffs for services of the organisations of a municipal complex is passed regions), behind them nevertheless remained enough - taki the wide list of powers in regulation sphere   tariffs housing - a municipal complex, - it has been noted during hearings . - So, local authorities should confirm investment programs of the enterprises of housing and communal services, projects of complex development of systems of a municipal infrastructure, to establish systems of the criteria used for definition of availability of the goods and services of the organisations of a municipal complex for the population and etc.

That is responsibility on local governments even thus that is global tariffs now the corresponding service at regional and federal levels is engaged, all - taki remains considerable.

Besides, taking part in hearings have presented one more innovation which urged to strengthen control over activity of municipalities in this direction: creation of the state information system which provides gathering and the information processing, concerning the established tariffs for services of the organisations of a municipal complex and consumption specifications. Federal and regional services under tariffs have the right to request of enforcement authorities of subjects, local governments, the housing and communal services enterprises the necessary information, concerning establishments and applications of tariffs, the sizes of a payment for utilities and for premises. And those, in turn, are obliged to give the queried information.

- I so understand, questions will be much because we have called problem territories and the enterprises working in sphere of housing and communal services on this hearing, - head RST on RO Alexey Rybin has noted.

Questions it was valid much. From them it was possible to respond To a part to the assistant g - on the Big fish - to Dmitry Podgornomu.

- One of the essential factors which have affected increase of tariffs, was necessity of performance of investment programs, increase in means at repair work, decrease in useful holiday on the organisations of a municipal complex for 3,2 percent on water supply and for 2,1 percent - on water removal, - has noted g - n Podgornyj . - Thus, with the account growth of tariffs for these services on the average across the Rostov region is predicted for 17,56 percent. As a whole on region payments for utilities for the population will increase no more than by 15 percent.

however, in some educations of area the situation as it was found out, was much more difficult, rather than on « to average calculations ».

- On some areas really terrible figures - for example turn out, it is a question of miner`s territories, - the head of service under tariffs RO has noted. - Therefore together with the ministry of housing and communal services of area we consider now a question on financing of a part of programs at the expense of means of the regional budget.

the representative of the ministry present at hearings housing - area municipal services has noticed that in many respects it is connected with high degree of deterioration of a municipal infrastructure and an inefficiency of use of systems municipal unions. He has noticed that last year the volume of investments in housing - municipal sphere has made more than 4,8 mlrd roubles - thus that the annual requirement for upgrade of a municipal infrastructure exceeds 15 mlrd roubles. For example, almost half of water supply systems in the Rostov region need replacement. Exit, he has informed, in attraction of investments, and over it experts now work.


As tariffs for Don

the Electric power - for 10 percent will grow.
gas - for 15 percent.
warmly - for 14 percent.
other kinds of fuel - for 5,4 percent.