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On Don will pass anniversary, the tenth under the bill the International business - the forum

is Less than in a month on Don will pass anniversary, the tenth under the bill the International business - a forum. Within several days (21 - on October, 23rd) participants will discuss most the pressing questions standing today before business, and simultaneously - to come into new contacts to potential investors, to consult to representatives of the federal and regional authorities. That is, as a matter of fact, it will be a platform which is representing itself as the unifying bridge between all subjects of enterprise sphere. Invitations to participation in a forum have already received in 21 region of Russia.

- authorities will take part in a forum, businessmen, strategic and private investors (« business - angels ») Scientifically - educational institutions, bank and financial structures, public and enterprise associations, - has informed journalists at a briefing devoted to forthcoming action, the director of department of development of small and average business and tourism Anna Palagina . - Besides, this year the forum gets the federal status as for the first time in its frameworks the Russian venture fair (RVJA) will be spent... Participants of this fair (demands have submitted already an order of 30 enterprises of innovative sector) - heads of leading venture funds, the companies who work in the Russian and western markets. Main task RVJA consists in improving management of the innovative companies which go today by the way of attraction « long » money also are ready to it already today. After all for attraction of the investor with such strategic target that it has made solid investments in the project, the company is simply obliged to correspond to certain parametres is just management. To it also learn at venture fairs. During fair we will spend plenary discussion on a subject: « the Doctrine of innovative development and a reality of modern economic policy in Russia ». In parallel at a forum sections and round tables, a judicial brigade which will estimate projects of venture fair will work.

Anna Palagina has underlined that fair, in addition, it also additional possibility, that is the tool for dialogue of professional community on which in the future decision-making on financing of the most interesting projects depends.

At the same time simultaneously with venture fair at a forum exhibitions of innovations will be presented, to production of subjects of small and average business, will pass round tables and seminars on various questions. The business program of action includes consideration of such serious questions, as « business - a climate in territories » « upgrade of business at the expense of crediting and microfinancing » « day of the young businessman » and « innovations ».

- We have tried to take out practical questions on a forum, - has noted the director of department . - Besides « the SUPPORT the CREDIT » has suggested us to spend within the limits of a forum the conference devoted to crediting and financing. Sergey Borisov, the president of the all-Russian public organisation of small and average business, in particular, are invited to it « the SUPPORT of Russia » Victor Ermakov, the general director of the Russian agency of support of small and average business, Michael Kopejkin, the vice-president « Foreign trade and investment bank ». Together with committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on economic policy the round table devoted to actual problems of legal regulation of small and average business, which purpose to discuss perfection of legislative base on regulation of this sector will be spent.

by the way, at this forum discussion and essential both for regions, and for subject business « is necessary also; guarantee funds ». And to the Don fund, according to experts, is, about what to tell: it is in the twenty of the Russian Federations most developed among subjects.