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My carrot of all is lovelier, all more ruddy and is more tasty

It the creative conservative in the field of food Slow Food Ulitka
Since September, 25th   on October, 3rd, 2010 in the Dorogomilovsky collective-farm market and within the limits of the international exhibition FEASTING - 2010 will pass Farmer festival Slow Food.

It will organise Slow Food – the international public organisation,   Arisen in 1989 in reply to developing cult of a fast food. It is reaction to disappearance of local traditions of a food and loss of interest of people to that they eat, whence bring it meal and as our food choice influences a state of affairs in the world.

Slow Food Ulitka supports support of local manufacturers of meal.

« We not for self-restriction, and for completeness of life which you feel when eat slowly. We consider that the best meal – it is that that it is made near to a place of thy residing ».

Slow Food have found farmers, and those have brought fresh products and sell them in special stalls. Besides, at fair - an exhibition the best cooks of the country spend the master - classes. In the market the set of lectures and seminars with participation known   is planned; gastronomic   The guru, fashionable doctors and dieticians, writers and film critics.

Also for visitors tasting stands and culinary the master - classes are presented.

Within the limits of the international exhibition FEASTING - 2010 are spent business - conferences on questions of development of local farming and microfinancing.
in the long term such festivals to spend two times a year — in the spring and in the autumn. Special festivals are possible also. In Southern Europe Slow Food spend Slow Fish Festival and Slow Cheese Festival. With cheeses at us, of course, not so, but after all is solenja - jam, mushrooms, berries. It is possible to hold berry festival or apple, for example.

the Dorogomilovsky market is reputed pathos, expensive. But this time the administration goes on granting of preferential places for farmers on the days off. So 25 - on September, 26th and 2 - on October, 3rd the rent will make 100 roubles .