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Castro was discouraged in socialist economy

And even from the American. So, journalist The Atlantic Jeffrey Goldberg has arrived in
Havana under Fidel`s personal invitation. And that has dumbfounded the visitor surprising recognitions.

« the Cuban model of economy any more does not work even for Cuba » - has declared Castro. The amazed journalist   has asked the translator to repeat these words.
It has appeared, in ideals of revolution Fidel was not discouraged, but « it is dissatisfied with that the government too actively interferes with economy, thereby
zatormazhivaja country development ».

Castro also blames itself for excessive persecutions on... Homosexuals. « if someone bears for it responsibility, I » - has told komandante.

it is natural, only business was not limited to self-flagellation. Otherwise Fidel would not be Fidel. But this time from it Mahmudu Ahmadinezhadu has got not to America, and the leader of Iran
. « If the Iranian government looks for peace, it is better to it to understand, why Jews so worry for the security, - Fidel has underlined
. - Jews will be reviled already by two thousand years, anybody and never offended how them ». As the American journalist, Fidel
admitted then on - former is vigorous, with a clear head and the big sense of humour.