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Don has suggested to create regional innovative system

Results of X International salon of innovations and the investments, passing in Moscow, have appeared for the Rostov region rather impressing. In it, fifteen subjects of Federation - Moscow and Moscow suburbs, Tatarstan, the Chechen Republic, Yakutia, Stavropol Territory, Khabarovsk territory, the Astrakhan, Saratov, Kirov and Tomsk areas, and also 10 foreign countries (including Belgium, Vietnam, Iran, Korea, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Finland) have by the way, taken part. Thus the exposition of the Don region traditionally looked most representatively. It settled down on the area of 60 sq. metres and drew to itself attention of visitors the stands within all three days of work of salon. It has turned out that the Don region has presented 60 most interesting projects which have received a vacation package on salon after selection from 120 presented initially, that is literally under one project on each square metre of an exposition.

- the Purpose of such salons is a demonstration scientifically - technical and is innovative - technological potential of subjects of the Russian Federation, development of multi-region and interstate scientific, business contacts, - has noted in conversation with journalists the deputy minister of economy RO Ljubov Zhadan which honour to head delegation from the Don region has dropped out. -   And, accordingly, predicted result - modernisation of the Russian manufacture, development of the market of objects of intellectual property and association of interests of inventors, developers and manufacturers of hi-tech production together with representatives of industrial and financial business of our state, and also the countries of near and far abroad. We have presented the electronic catalogue where in various directions presented projects: public health services, housing and communal services, a road economy, power. The most interesting, in our opinion, from them were: The project of creation of alternative to gas, coal and black oil - water coal fuel; the project of thermomagnetic separation of air, and also the project of creation of highly productive caviar flock of sturgeon fishes. Among large investment undertakings in sphere of the innovations which realisation already goes, - « the Solar stream » (manufacture of technological components for solar power), creation nanotehnologicheskogo the centre on Don, etc.

Meanwhile as it was found out, the most part of the workings out exposed on an exposition, has been presented in the form of ideas, schemes and calculations. However, believes Ljubov Zhadan, the potential investor should have possibility that is called, « to feel own hands the presented sample » that it was easier to it to be defined with a choice. But manufacture even the experimental sample - a problem not so simple and besides is enough zatratnaja.

Therefore the Rostov region left with the offer to other subjects of the Russian Federation to create regional innovative system.

- thus, those regions which have ideas, will have a possibility to find those who is ready to realise them and on the contrary, - has explained idea the deputy minister . - And introduction of such system will be possible, for example, on the basis of the innovative multipurpose centre which creation is planned in the Rostov region together with corporation Rosnano.

In other words, the most interesting and significant ideas which could be realised on a substantial scale, it is offered to structure, that they became more accessible.

in competition which was spent by organizers of X International salon, 25 cores and 5 additional demands from the Don region have taken part: best of the best. And this calculation has appeared correct. The Rostov region has received as a result of 33 gold and 8 silver medals. And seven gains of the higher test - at the Southern federal university, four more - at Southern centre of science of the Russian Academy of Sciences and DGTU.

« Gold » has got not only to the theoretical operating time presented by centres of science of the Don high schools, but also projects from representatives of industrial sphere - the enterprises of power system, the chemical industry, telecommunications, agrotechnologies, building and housing - a municipal complex.