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Have met, “have sat“ …

So it has turned out that after the university termination all our amicable group has scattered who where. One remained in Volgograd, others have gone to submit other cities. Tanjushka with Slavikom, got married shortly before diploma protection, have jerked to Ekaterinburg: in - the first, at Slavki there parents live, in - the second, to it work perspective have offered. Annushka, the incorrigible romanticist, has left to Perm which always involved it “ not provincial scope ” (on Anyuta`s expression). And a year later has got acquainted with any perspective whether the physicist, whether the chemist, has married, has given birth to twins - and everything, farewell dreams of round-the-world travel - at least, for some years during which its ingenious spouse will by all means obtain a world recognition. One more classmate, Kostik, has returned to native Ufa … Considering almost universal dislike for a writing of letters (even in social networks of a word from anybody you will not wait), it was possible to reconcile that gradually we began to keep away from each other. And suddenly …


“ Who visits in the mornings, that arrives wisely ”

I have remembered the Known by-word of the animation hero, when on the eve of days off to me have called Light and have invited to a dinner. Yes not one, and together with all family! Knowing Svetkin character, we with the husband have understood that she prepares any surprise. In reply to our question the girlfriend admitted that among invited guests - three more our classmates. The invitation, of course, with pleasure have accepted - to we so seldom manage to see that each meeting becomes the present event.

there Has come Saturday. Having reached to podruzhkinogo a country house, we have found out that all already in gathering. Eating greedily pies with a meat stuffing, shared news. Karine have offered new work, but she for the present has not solved, will accept the offer or not, Vasja, at last, was going to marry (and we - that thought that our shy Vasek never will dare to propose to the darling!) Natalia with the husband admitted that in a month go to tour over Europe … the Present children have started game in a lotto and the designer. The call of a mobile phone and simultaneously with it - a gentle call on the included laptop on which we and attention first have not converted was suddenly distributed. Also it is made in vain because here - that and has begun the most interesting.

- Tanechka, Glory, we in gathering to see very glad you! - Svetlana has joyfully begun to chirp.

And we have begun to blink: on the laptop screen were our expensive odnogruppniki, only a bit matured - as - in any way, years has passed much... Tatyana has replaced a long plait on magnificent to a penalty, and Slavika had a noble grey hair which niskolechko did not spoil it. And ekaterinburzhtsy in the meantime greedy asked: who from us than is engaged now, whom Vasily marries and they contemplate whose children? It is thus proud told about the offsprings who in all eyes looked at us from the screen as if without believing that occurs to them.

In conversations hour has flown by almost. Hardly having said goodbye, we have converted looks on Svetku, but it has only lifted upwards a forefinger - say, wait! Long to wait to us it was not necessary: some instants - and our fairy godmother has connected us in the magic image to Perm. And here already Annushka with the babes smile to us, and we ask, a leah soon its man of science will go behind the Nobel Prize. Time flied imperceptibly: it appears, there has already come twilight, and we as if captivated, sat and could not believe that at some o`clock have returned to the remarkable, student`s youth filled with events …


All is very simple

After the communication session has ended, we bombarded with questions to Light.

- All is very simple, - she has told. - the megaphone has started new service - “ the Multibackground ” which allows to communicate through the World Wide Web. I on the Megaphone for a long time, and the Internet through 3G - the modem use, but too have the day before learnt about this service literally. Now it works in territory of all Russia, therefore I and have decided to organise such here “ a meeting ” our group. At first has, of course, contacted children: it is necessary, that service was at both interlocutors so they too have connected it. Cost - only 80 copecks in a minute of conversation with subscribers of the Megaphone across all Russia and one and a half rouble - for calls on any other cellular and city numbers. Tariffs for trunk calls too quite accessible. Advantages - weight. Entering free, in roaming house tariffs operate.

to use “ the Multibackground ” It is necessary to have the computer or if speech does not go about video call, it is possible to use smart phone Nokiav this case you speak as by usual phone. But for very moderate payment! And calls between users of service “ the Multibackground ” on a broader scale free).

Still Svetlanka has told that the Megaphone gives possibility to test this service within three months. The main condition - that at the second subscriber “ the Multibackground ” too has been connected. So on following days off at us it is already planned “ introduction of new technologies ”.