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In Chelyabinsk sell Boris Yeltsin`s limousine

From thousand announcements at the Chelyabinsk autoforums one at once is evident. Even if you have climbed on a site to sell the car, instead of to buy, all the same will open this page and will take a look. Sell the rare limousine collected at factory ZIL. On such all party top of Soviet Union went for a drive. These elegant crocodiles could be seen only in Moscow, at cinema or on documentary shots of the chronicle. And here such handsome man costs on parking in the centre of Chelyabinsk with 74 - ym region on number. Even it is possible to touch!

the Seller, the autofirm which trades in auction cars, assures that this ZIL - 41045 was « reserve for the first president of Russia Boris Yeltsin ». And for all it, for live history, for a magnificent relic, ask « in total any » 3,5 million roubles. But here is how such wonder has got to Chelyabinsk, and the main thing, than the owner can prove, what on these armchairs the first person of the state sat?!

— This car was in garage of special function, — has told «» the representative of the owner by name of Alexander, — has been then redeemed cheljabintsem. But, under our data, Yeltsin did not go by it, the car stood in a reserve. But the car is all the same unique. During Alla Pugachevoj`s tours in Chelyabinsk, we met her on this car and rolled on a city. This fact even is fixed on a film. By the way, if someone helps to find the buyer will receive 10 percent of commission fee. For now the car it is possible to rent 2,5 thousand rbl. at an o`clock.

On such car you will precisely be allocated from a stream

Limousines destroyed completely

In the Moscow office « Depot ZiL » which is engaged in service of similar cars, have told that for all time of limousines ZIL is let out hardly less than 600, and the majority of them have sunk into oblivion. Before reorganisation such cars destroyed, as soon as they ran 70 thousand kilometres. And them fully completed, than only it was possible, put zapasku in a luggage carrier, the fire extinguisher under a seat and … sent under autogenous cutting. Cut on small slices. Therefore now in the world one hundred such ZILov which can be got will hardly be typed to drive.

To the middle 90 - h these cars as though did not exist, all of them were on the state account, and affairs disappeared under a signature stamp « confidentially ». How then limousines have fallen into in private hands? More close to reorganisation to destroy cars running off the resource have ceased. Them have started to give to film studios for shootings, to send in union republics for local authorities or to pass in the ministries. In the beginning 90 - h film studios became private to survive, they sold the stocks, including cars. After some more years, from documents on elite cars have removed a signature stamp « confidentially » then people began to redeem at state institutions.

Salon ascetic, but stylish

Why so it is expensive?

Now we will return to ours ZILu.

— It is model 41045, — our expert, &mdash speaks; it was issued to 85 - go year. Then began to let out 41047, unlike 45 - oh, at it square headlights and are not present a rotary window leaf on a forward door. Yeltsin became the president in 91 - an ohm to year, by this time in GONe were only 47 - e models. And in the status of the president goes by this car it could not. But to assert that it did not go by it a car, too it is impossible. Probably, it used to it when worked in other places, in the Moscow city town committee or the Supreme body. In documents in the car should be specified, who to it owned earlier, it is necessary to verify simply this data with Yeltsin`s career.

the Price on ZIL not sickly. 3,5 million, on this money it is possible to buy apartment, the jeep and more will suffice, that year to have dinner at expensive restaurant. By words spetsov, the price for such cars depends on a status. Parshivenky, but running ZIL - 41045 will cost one and a half million. And in perfect tune three million 600 thousand. Then our Chelyabinsk sellers, have thrown a little more from above for history. But it is necessary to remember that service of this car madly expensive, in shops spare parts are not on sale also attention it to themselves demands the special.

On these porolonovyh armchairs, Boris Yeltsin probably sat.

— It as the plane, — the expert, &mdash speaks; six hours it you prepare, hour you fly, then even six hours of service. For example, a weak place — brakes. Very quickly « sypjatsja » the stupor, one such there are 650 dollars, and them in the car 16! Behind cigarettes on it you will not go. Such cars did for the people, which cowls are not picked. To members of the Political bureau after all it was not important, how much mechanics provaljalsja under car before it will leave garage. They have sat down and have gone with comfort. Them if buy, only for the sake of a collection.

the Native radio-gramophone « Radio engineering » Till now works

TTH a limousine

In spacious salon and a leather armchair it is very cosy