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The Moldavian tennis-player is on friendly terms with stars from the first twenty WTA - tour

the next national championship on the big tennis Has taken place, and the next victory in single and pair categories has gained 22 - summer Julia Helbet.

- On - to mine, it washing 15 - I victory, since children`s age, - Julja smiles. - We with the father have counted to fifteen, then have got off and have thrown. But all the same it is pleasant to conquer! As the management of Federation of tennis of Moldova was replaced, and it was the first tournament of a new management. I hope that now affairs in domestic tennis will change to the best therefore as worse simply already there is no place!

Julja in rating WTA - tour where the best tennis-players of a planet enter, occupies 909 - e a place in the pair category and 1085 - e - in single.

- But it not a limit , - Julja is assured. - It is necessary to work much to get to the twenty of the best!
  - on competitions it is necessary to leave at own expense
. - Julja Helbet admits. - Recently near Kiev tournament - " was held; dvadtsatipjatitysjachnik I was unwell a little and have reached only the second tour .

Julja is well familiar with players from the first twenty of rating WTA - tour - with the Belarus Victoria Azarenka (11 - e a place) and Anastasiej Pavljuchenkovoj (20 - e a place). To compare conditions in which its girlfriends - competitors with Julinymi train, extremely difficultly. But, despite of everything, Jule on forces to walk upwards on a thorny path of rating WTA - tour, glorifying our country. To it though hardly - hardly to help... JUle only twenty two years, so,   at it   still ahead.