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Friday, 13 - for opening of a furniture exhibition - fairs

And work on a new place after that events has shown happy day that they were not mistaken. The place &ndash has Perhaps, helped; « Expocentre »: this temple of achievements of a national economy and business « namolen » within many decades. And can, the boldness and enthusiasm ritejlerov have played a role.  

that day the nature tested us for durability. But even a downpour with hurricane have not spoilt a feast.   after a dinner nearby « Expocentre » townspeople from « have gathered; young and old »: the first visitors and buyers of a constant have come on solemn opening by the whole families – parents with children, grandmothers and grandfathers with vnuchatami. Also have not regretted about it. The big program of entertainments, spectators and which participants they became, was full of surprises for all. Pleasant easily turned in useful, games and competitions – In nice souvenirs and very valuable prizes.  

Furniture soft, the prices fluffy.

Conveniently having settled down on a platform before a building « Expocentre » on specially placed stools (organizers have taken care and of it!) Visitors with interest looked a concert: with all the heart rejoiced to everyone   to a trick of children`s circus studio « Arlekino » echoed vociferous girls from a trio « the Ringlet » it is live communicated with the conducting.   and besides, participated in numerous competitions and fairly earned the prizes.

Competitions were different, but, of course, the main things of a steel of competition « on the set subject » - furniture in the new centre of sales on Gromova, 145. Spectators competed and in ability to write   bright and substantial slogans for a new exhibition - sales, and in ability of storing of furniture brands very useful to the buyer. The matter is that a new exhibition - sale « FURNITURE And the HOME DECORATION 2010 » represents the most different trade marks of home producers of furniture.   in full conformity with a format of an exhibition for each manufacturer the here is taken away « vital » Space, the trading ambry – like exhibition hall.  

Draw of gifts: good luck from children`s hands.

Idea of organizers - « founders » consists that space on the third floor « Expocentre » It will be gradually filled with the firm goods, and soon the buyer will see a wide spectrum of domestic furniture for all family – not only various, but also accessible. After all will sell it at the prices of manufacturers, without superfluous trading surcharges. Townspeople will have a possibility of a worthy choice of qualitative furniture in comfortable conditions. And at manufacturers – the trading and at the same time competitive platform not only for direct sales, but also for presentation of perspective models and directions of the firms, some kind of « skilled » range of innovations.

And though an exhibition - sale only begins the life, this idea is already actively embodied. By the time of celebratory opening here have already taken the places six furniture firms – six domestic brands: interernyj salon « Victoria » representing case furniture; « Shop of tables and chairs » working in the market 10 years; Factory « Marks - furniture » known for an optimum parity of the price and quality; the company popular in buyers « ASM - the module » with the drawing rooms, bedrooms, children`s; firm « the Furniture court yard » offering vestibules, computer tables and other case furniture for the house and office; IP « Murashkin » creating upholstered furniture to order. Now them became more, and floor spaces are almost filled. But these « six courageous » were pioneers.  

Svetlana Bezgodova has knowingly put on a T-shirt with an inscription « I do that I want! ». Has wanted a padded stool – and here it, with a bow!

Them visitors also should remember. And such attentive townspeople were, of course. The prize for this competition was won by Elena Chernyh, the first named the right figure. And names of firms the whole world were remembered by children who have got off in a flock round the leader.

gifts and mebelshchikam Have got. Firm « ASM » has received from organizers of an exhibition - sales the letter of thanks, the big picture with an ancient sailing vessel and a wish to be always afloat. The kind parting word has there and then worked: the wardrobe from « became the first purchase in the new centre; ASM - the module ». And the first customer to the Rose Down have presented also a souvenir from organizers of a feast.

Maxim Sokolov and Elena Popova have won »: « Elena Popova and Maxim Sokolov have won for a family at once two thousand

very interesting there was a competition on the best slogan. The whole fountain of ideas, verses and rechevok has fallen upon jury: « your Furniture, dream - ours! » « though to what distance you will go – more cheaply furniture you will not find » « it is not necessary to furniture More conveniently, and naslazhdene – to you in an award! » both etc. and etc. the Choice was hard, but as has told the project head « FURNITURE And the HOME DECORATION 2010 » Julia Bolonina, on all of 100 % the exhibition concept - sales were reflected by a slogan « Furniture on Gromova – it cool! For your house, a family and a cosiness ». Svetlana Bezgodova who has written it which have come on opening with the grandfather, has received a padded stool in an award and at once has found of it application: before the termination of a feast she has had time and to dance with it, and to sit on it.

And « for a dessert » there was a big lottery of invitation cards which distributed to all from the very beginning of a feast. The visitors, waited this moment, managed remarkable prizes in the big range – from certificates on 300, 500 and 1000 roubles and household electrical engineers (a double boiler, the hair dryer and etc.) To prizes - « heavyweights » - padded stools, a glass coffee table and a superprize – a hall.

Sergey Petrov and his daughter Eve did not dream at all of Gran - at. But the vestibule has got to them.

it is amusing that the destiny this day has chosen the favourites and generously indulged them. The double boiler was won by Elena Chernyh who has already defeated competition of furniture brands, and the coffee table has got … again to the Rose Down, in addition to its wardrobe. But the family of Petrovyh which have appeared at opening became owners of a hall is casual. The father of family, inhabitant Krasnolesja Sergey Petrov, has thrown the ticket in a drum « simply so » - also became main the hero of evening!

In a word, all remained are happy, leaving from a feast with good   mood or with powerful gifts. And Julia Bolonina, summing up, has thanked all who helped with exhibition opening - sales and in the concert organisation, and has promised that this feast in life of the new furniture centre far not last:

- We plan to make such our actions « a highlight » and to spend them it is regular. Probably, in a month buyers will see new show with surprises.  

Now it is possible to tell with confidence that the plan has gone right. An exhibition - fair « FURNITURE And the HOME DECORATION 2010 » leads full life, expanding the assortment, involving new visitors and getting all new buyers. And repeat clients at it already are.