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Twice justified the Russian Federation

On Wednesday, on September, 29th, the Moscow regional has taken out the verdict of “not guilty“ on the case of attempt at Chubays.

As a matter of fact, the court has executed only formality as the board of jurymen recognised the colonel in resignation GRU of Vladimir Kvachkova, commandoes Robert Yashin and Alexander Naidyonov, and also Ivan Mironov - the son of the former chairman of the governmental Committee of the Russian Federation on Boris Mironov`s press guilt-free in a crime incriminated to it.

As well as wrote «» earlier, now investigatory business should return there, whence it have passed in court. After all jurymen, having justified defendants, nevertheless recognised that the fact of attempt took place, and, means, it is necessary to find real criminals. It is necessary to inspectors popotet in search of guilty as from the moment of attempt has passed already more than 5 years. We will remind, attempt attempt has occurred on March, 17th, 2005.

However to say that the court has simply stamped the decision of board of jurymen, incorrectly. Behind them recognised the right to rehabilitation, and also by a judgement from the federal budget it will be collected 211 thousand roubles on payment of work of lawyers.

It already the second justificatory judgement. The first time Moscow Regional Court also on the basis of a verdict of jurymen has justified Kvachkova, Yashin and Naidyonov on June, 16th, 2009. However that verdict of “not guilty“ has been excellent the Sovereign court of the Russian Federation, and business have returned on new consideration. It is not excluded that something similar will occur and this time. And, if the such happens, that, the Office of Public Prosecutor most likely will appeal against sentence. Chubays`s representatives on process repeatedly declared that from their party of such initiative will not be, and their position has not changed. Protection of defendants has no need to appeal against sentence absolutely. The Office of Public Prosecutor has on it 10 days. If the Office of Public Prosecutor of such actions does not undertake, the sentence will enter validity.

But here Vladimir Kvachkov hardly will soon take away the car of the wife from the State Office of Public Prosecutor where it is as a material evidence. The court has decided to leave it there and in the former status.

Vladimir Kvachkov justified on the case of attempt at Chubays

- Certainly, we waited for a dirty trick even from the technical decision. If it is possible click, kick to beat out a large political figure from the Russian policy what to speak about us guilty. As has occurred. And this sentence with the mucks. Even in this situation when declared that we are guilt-free and justified, the car Saab which belongs to my wife and has no relation to that event, to us and have not given. There was it in frameworks veshchdoka.

Vladimir Kvachkov hopes to return to usual normal life in the near future.
a photo: RIA « News »

Here it is strange that Chubays`s car on which there ostensibly traces from bullets, from splinters, is not veshchdokom, it on a broader scale have hidden where - that. Is, it turns out, such veshchdok which it is impossible for anybody to show, neither to jurymen, nor lawyers, court. Here such justice.
as a whole I nevertheless am happy. But euphoria and illusions any I do not test, as have justified already the second time. I fine understand that in the Russian justice everything is possible that does not contradict physics laws.

Ten days we will suffer, we will look. If somebody from participants of process appeals against sentence, it is necessary to wait for the fifth process over us. If such complaints will not be, it is necessary to go for work, to be arranged in the Joint Staff, to pass in a usual mode of usual life.

Leonid Gozman, official representative A.Chubays on litigation:

- the Sentence of regional court was uncontested, as under the law the justificatory verdict of board of jurymen involves also the verdict of “not guilty“.

I for these months in court was filled with admiration of procedure of a jury which all is directed on that the guilt-free person has not suffered. Let even releasing obviously guilty. As has occurred now. We in general accept that verdict because the most important thing the court recognised: There was an attempt to kill Chubays. Not simply murders of the person and attempt to carry out certain natsional - fascist revolution. Attacking obviously hoped for how, for example, same Zheljabov in due time was put on that this murder will cause flash of national anger. This fact is recognised by court.

Well, and that the court has decided that is not enough the presented proofs of fault of these people, it quite another matter. And consequently doubts in their guiltliness have been interpreted in their advantage. That is correct, and should be in civilised country. The concrete destiny of these people does not stir us. The only thing, I am afraid that impunity generates new crimes.

For a long time it is known that cruelty of punishment, and inevitability is important not. These children, unfortunately, have received such lesson that it is possible to commit a crime and not to be responsible for it on a broader scale. And it is dangerous. I am afraid that they will not stop and will commit still any crimes. When I addressed to board of jurymen, I spoke: « If you justify them, will be new a victim. And these of a victim already will be on your conscience ». Jurymen have solved differently. Their this right. I, actually, have come to show only today that we respect court and its decision. Even when do not agree with it.

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