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Victor TARHOV: I - for result!

- Victor Aleksandrovich, last four years the most discussed question - your personnel selection...

- If you want to achieve results, it is necessary to involve in the command of people clever and initiative. I should not order about, teach constantly them them endlessly. Certainly, with such   employees it is more difficult - and can snap, and criticise. And similar at us happens. It is Well, urged to suffer.

There is also other way: to be Mont Blanc, the such tsar of a mount. So is quieter, certainly. Anybody will not scheme against you, words across will not tell, but after all and results will not be.

any head has a choice: result or own calmness.

  Personally I - for result.

- As Samara has endured a world economic crisis?

- We it is good to it were prepared. Well such for a million city the budget in eight billions roubles?! Such sensation that years nobody was engaged in fifteen city economy. And, really, first three years we increased incomes of city treasury. And when have achieved an object in view also crisis have met adequately. Yes, in 2009 Samara, as well as all country, has not received the planned income. But only we have received less 9 percent, and all Russia, including the Samara region, 30 percent. As they say, feel a difference. For province crisis was very serious test, for us has passed almost without serious consequences. We have simply reduced well-disposed ranks of officials. But have not suspended financing of any city program.

- Of what you dream, reflecting on tomorrow of our city?

- There is a number of problems which in any way it is impossible to lose sight, because they vital. For example, constant stoppers on the bridge through the river Samara. It is necessary to build the new bridge, Frunze. Its designing now comes to an end. Building starts year through three - four. But we at least see light in the end of a tunnel, means, we go in a correct direction.

    Other my care - introduction in medicine of Samara of the advanced technologies. Here not to do without training of our experts abroad. Certainly, it is expensive project, but avaricious pays twice, therefore it is necessary to send. All necessary arrangements are already reached. And still the new cardiological centre is necessary to us. And since January, 1st it is building it will be begun. We lose too many people, and it still to live tens years. So let live. Here it also is my present dream.

- Townspeople complain often: you it is not visible in public space.

- I the person public not first ten years. However the duty to address to objectives of television cameras and microphones radijnyh studios I consider as the most burdensome party of my work. There is more productive way to express: to be remembered to people by real business and result. Here it to me is much more interesting. It, in - the first.

In - the second, affects, that training which I have received at factory. There, on manufacture, the desire to stick out the merits is considered a bad form. Let others tell about you good words, instead of you about themselves. Probably, to the public person has not stuck so to behave. I recognise behind myself this sin.

Well, and in - the third, is arranged with the authorities of region information blockade. With my ward on a city post of the head about Samara it is not accepted to speak well. Pay attention: positive indicators of work of city economy and an economy from year to year grow. The budget of Samara is twice increased, scale upgrade of municipal passenger transport is realised, deficiency of places in kindergartens is liquidated, light exposure of streets and court yard improves. Believe, the list of our achievements can be continued and continued still. And in the Samara region business, to the contrary, go all worse and worse. Thus, if unconditionally to believe regional and city mass-media, our area ahead of a planet of everything, and Samara is literally at the bottom of a precipice. Directly as at Kozmy Prutkova « do not believe the eyes! ».

it is paid from means of selective fund of the candidate for a post of the head of city district Samara of V.A.Tarhova.