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Let`s meet on student`s Arbate

- I have chosen for myself faculty of law PGU, - Egor Baranov speaks. - I consider a speciality of the lawyer very claimed.

Anton Loskutov has preferred other business:

- Has arrived on geological faculty in the Perm state university. Wanted to be the geologist always. It is necessary to realise itself. And the geologist is a present man`s trade. In what of advantage of the governor`s grant? It gives independence of parents. In good sense of this word. To test in the business and not to live off the father with mum.  

to Speak with young in their language

to the Perm first-year students unique possibility - to communicate to the head of region was presented. And to receive the information clear, efficient and, the main thing, useful to those who only begins adult life. After all very few people in Russia here so - directly - speaks with youth.

Oleg Chirkunov has arrived to the Central Committee of a name of Soldatov on a meeting with first-year students not to tell moralizing speech. To learn today`s youth - business ungrateful: they about themselves know all. But nevertheless which to whom young listen. And the head of region from among those people, whose opinion for them is not indifferent.

Oleg Chirkunova`s Perm students know. The governor of the Perm edge gives lectures in Polytechnic University, classical university, the economy Higher school. Similar practice - when heads of region act in a role of high school teachers - are not present more anywhere in Russia. Besides, for pupils of our high schools will be organised the master - classes with world famous Russian scientists. For example, recently lecture for the Perm students was read by the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Kapitsa.

- For us today it is the extremely important, that strong entrants remained in Perm to create strong university. World high schools speak about deficiency of clever students. And today you have a serious chance to become great, - Oleg Chirkunov was converted to children. - I hope that you become good experts, professionals of the business, and in some years, having started to work, will promote prosperity of the Perm edge.


most of all governor`s grant-aided students - in PGU, the economy Higher school, PGTU and PGMA. The most popular specialities at grant-aided students: « the Applied mathematics and computer science » « Information technologies » « Jurisprudence » (at classical university), « Economy » « Management » (in GU - VSHE), « Building » « Sociology » (in Polytechnic University), « Medical business » and « Stomatology » (in medical academy). The size of the monthly grant - 5 thousand roubles. It is paid from the regional budget.


we Will remind: since this academic year graduates of the schools which have typed 225 points by results of three examinations (to the core - to Russian and two profile subjects on a speciality in high school) and the entered state high schools in territory of Prikamye, will receive the additional governor`s grant from the regional budget. The size of such grant - 5 thousand roubles. Its students before the termination 3 - go a course - under condition of study only on « will receive; well » and « perfectly ».

the best graduates of schools of other regions, of course, have the Right to the regional grant also if they became students of our high schools. That is good stimulus for attraction to Perm talented youth.

the Additional governor`s grant this year will be received by 609 first-year students. Support of talented youth - one of project directions « the Perm edge. Find itself here ».