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Natalia Gordienko and Adrian Ursu have written down a song Love Rain

Natalia Gordienko and Adrian Ursu have decided to write down a duet a song « Love Rain ».

the Melody was composed by the composer to Sand Gorgos, and words to it - Alina Dabizha.

- When to me have allowed to hear to this song , – Natalia Gordienko has shared, - I have like at once it and have decided to invite Adriana Ursu because this song is good in a duet. And the voice and an expression of Adriana very much approach to mood of a composition.

the Composition which already with might and main turns on domestic radio stations, is executed in English, however children plan to write down and the Romanian variant. If the song is necessary to liking to our public, is planned to let out and the video clip.

Natalia Gordienko and Adrian Ursu ( Love Rain )