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Cranes carry away summer

the First there are rooks. « hurrah! Have arrived! » ice on the river « break wagtails ». Behind them there is a shaft of birds - lapwings, larks, starlings. Geese fly to a high water. In the first days of May nightingales and cuckoos arrive. Orioles appear the last. They designate: starting time of summer.

and in the middle of spring which - who sees rare today cranes. Long since people rejoiced, having heard shout of cranes. They shouted not to go astray. This shout of birds flying by a wedge always stirred people. « Kurly - kurly, kurly - kurly. Where your way, whence you? » the noble large bird shout informs: the spring has come. And in the autumn when all birds imperceptibly leave our corners of the world, cranes, saying goodbye, publish trumpet voices.

the first time I heard the cranes who were flying by low over flood of the river, and heard, how people spoke with pleasure: « Cranes have arrived! »

In wood, on a bog, in Ryazan to edge, I have not seen, but close heard, how the pair of cranes in two voices glorified also pleasure of life.

the same year in the autumn I flied by the helicopter over okskim wood, and is low to the right of us we have seen cranes. Have seen not from below, and nearby - in the sky. They have not gone down, having seen us almost nearby. It was time when at cranes has already grown in marsh krepjah young offspring. Birds did flight of space and got acquainted with cranes - neighbours. The flight of birds thus is born to fly to a following place « the big gathering » once to get under way to Africa.

some times I saw cranes on the earth. On Hopre there was a cordon of Berezhina. The person interesting to me worked there. Once we towards evening sat on a bench near a court yard, discussed, as the cock has pecked uzhaka. And during this moment Egor Ivanovich has pulled me a sleeve: « Marvel that there occurs... »

Autumn day.

From a hillock from a cordon the field, bushes and a rusty wheel from a tractor is far visible. On one party from bushes there are four cranes - two old and two young. And the fox hid on other party, thinking, as though imperceptibly to creep up to one of young cranes. From a high place well it was visible to us: birds have already noticed a fox, and she of it does not see. Its jump has not achieved the object - birds have easy risen and have sat down on a pure place, observing of a fox. It was licked - « not so also it would be desirable ». Egor Ivanovich even has forgotten about tsigarke: « What bird! What clear head, what quiet! »

and more there was a case. In a Smolensk wood place has met two young artists - the wife and the husband. Little by little I learn: in the house where they live, in a fence have sheltered a crane with the hurt wing. I, as usual, have got a camera from a bag. The young artist has offered: give I will transfer a crane to water - the picture will be more interesting, than in a fence. I have agreed.

we go to a bog about small river. And suddenly the young woman has screamed and has let a bird go. It has appeared, the crane did not like embraces of the person, and it has pecked the artist in an eye. At me the earth has left from - under feet. And at the artist of the person is not present. But all has managed safely. Clever bird, having opened a beak, has scratched an eyebrow and a place below an eye...

the forester in the Tambov region told to me as some years lived in a court yard « zhuravel » with the broken wing. « surprisingly clever and obedient bird. At once began to take from hands meal. I have poured in a milk flat dish, have crumbled bread. All has eaten! With pleasure ate a potato, the steamed out grain. Most of all loved peas, caught the small small fish. Me - « the supporter » - loved. Where went, it - for me. On a court yard the crane became the main things. All respected him. Impudent persons punished and protected the weak. Its dog was afraid and carefully bypassed. We laughed loudly, when it reconciled cocks... »

our cranes in Africa, mainly in Sudan on Nile and its inflows winter. Their way of life differs from life in the homeland. In Africa cranes keep open places. Are fed early in the morning, eating durru (Africans consider - harm to fields with durroj from cranes small). In the afternoon of a bird clean plumage and actively fly. From predators they are rescued by care and wings.

in the spring with a passing southern wind cranes surprisingly quickly reach desired places where nest. Here they choose deaf bogs and do not suffer anybody, including « relatives ».

in the Autumn when young cranes by means of parents will learn to fly, alone living family finds the company for flights where thousand birds gather sometimes. Here all gain strength for the main flight.

and once, in already late autumn, leave native places to fly to Africa. Fly tirelessly day and night.

cranes on the Earth fourteen kinds. All are beautiful, osanisty, good letuny. Smallest of all - a crane krasavka, living in steppes. In Africa there lives crowned, with a picturesque ornament on a head, a crane. In America and in Asia there live white cranes. The most known the grey crane is considered. But all these birds are at line of disappearance. And consequently we are glad to each unintentional meeting.

I remember serene autumn day. We went in the bus from the airport « Bykovo ». Our driver has suddenly stopped and has joyfully hastened: « Look, cranes fly! I have specially stopped ». All quickly have descended and began to look, how circles it is low over wood the big birds flied. Something has detained them. « the same miracle... » one more bus has stopped. « a miracle!. »

through two - three minutes of a bird began to gain height and as if have heard someone`s command, have departed one after another « a string ».

All going have risen in the bus. Gave thanks to the driver. And someone has told: « Yes, cranes carry away summer. . »