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Hope on trust

There were only four pretenders on record dzhekpot in 1 700 000 dollars which on Sunday will be received by the winner of US Open in the female category. And among potential owners of this status one Russian - Vera Zvonareva.

The day before the Muscovite in a match 1/ 4 endings has beaten hot Estonian girl Kajju Kanepi. The native of Baltic, sejanaja under 31 - m number, has sensationally got on a tournament grid so far that has reached level where one inhabitants of heaven resided only. Despite it, easy walk at Belief it has not turned out, and in last party the Russian with great difficulty dozhala the Estonian milkwoman.

Zvonarevoj it is impossible to name success casual. It is necessary to remember that on last Wimbledon the Belief has reached the ending where has conceded great and awful Serene Williams. On US Open injured Serena does not accept participation, nevertheless the obliging lot has reduced Belief with the tennis-player who on the occasion of illness of the tonic replaces it on fast of the first racket of tournament. Voznjatski, posejannoj here at the first number is a question of the Dane of the Polish origin of Carolina. 20 - summer beauty Voznjatski has drawn universal attention in America, among its personal fans - the well-known billionaire Donald Tramp.

Carolina on US Open - 2010 already has had time to offend Maria Sharapova at a stage 1/ 8 endings. The Belief has a chance to return to the Dane dolzhok on behalf of the Russian fans.

- why I leave in a semi-final already in the tournament of the Grand Slam second successively? - The Belief after victory over the Estonian spoke. - probably because I add year from a year in spite of the fact that I play for a long time already. It is healthy that I can still develop.


US Open. 1/ 4 endings.


Vera Zvonareva (Russia, 7) - Kaja Kanepi (Estonia, 31) - 6:3, 7:5

Kim Klejsters (Belgium, 2) - Samanta Stosur (Australia, 5) - 6:4, 5:7, 6:3

Vinus Williams (the USA, 4) - Francheska Skjavone (Italy, 6) - 7:6 (5), 6:4

Carolina Voznjatski (Denmark, 1) - Dominica Tsibulkova (Slovakia) - 6:2, 7:5


Roger Federer (Switzerland, 2) - Robin Soderling (Sweden, 5) - 6:4, 6:4, 7:5

Novak Dzhokovich (Serbia, 3) - Gael Monfis (France, 17) - 7:6 (2), 6:1, 6:2