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Whom will force to tell muck in following to Kitchen ?

last Sunday on channel ONT spectators have seen premier release of the program « Kitchen ». Transfer is constructed on a known format a sketch - show. On same, as well as the Russian project « prozhektorperishilton ». Behind an oval kitchen table humorists Evgenie Bulka, Nikolay Kamka and George Koldun discuss important events in the country. In the first release spoke about forthcoming presidential election, and the visitor became hudruk Theatre « Hristofor » Evgenie Kryzhanovsky who wanted to become 2001 the candidate for presidents.

Perhaps, still never on a policy subject on the Belarus channel joked so dared. After Kryzhanovsky has fallen outside the limits studio, in the chamber it « sobbed »: « I am not guilty! Upon my soul, have enticed! Have forced to tell this muck … »

- the program has a scenario or it is continuous improvisation? - we have asked one of George Kolduna`s leaders.

- it is doubtless, the scenario is. For the first programs it is especially important, though in due course will be more improvisations. In such structure to us, leaders, it was not necessary to work. At all the manner and a views. That all looked wholly and easy, it is necessary adaptation process to each other. While we in different plates. But it is a matter of time.

- And programs first release looked?

- I watched house transmission. Idea not revolutionary, it is clear. But in Belarus while such format of the program was not used is high-grade. We have enough sceptics, that on many projects to give up as a bad job drawings. But to criticise easier, than to do. Us constructive criticism interests.

- Kryzhanovsky promised to eat a napkin if its words do not cut out. Communicated with it after a program exit in an aether?

- Is not present, Kryzhanovsky did not call to us.

- be not afraid of constant comparison with the program prozhektorperishilton ?

- to Compete with « the Projector » and to apply for its monasteries, and especially to try to copy - problems is not present. And sense too. We really try to create something the, but practice of comparison with the Russian channels became for a long time the normal phenomenon. I will agree that initially it was necessary to leave from obvious similarity. But it especially my personal opinion.

- And at last a naive question from televiewers: who in the program laughs behind a shot?

- the People who are at the moment of record in studio. By the way, we plan to involve more spectators to whom it is interesting as becomes Kitchen .

Interested persons can leave the responses on page Kitchens on TV channel ONT site.

spectators will see the Following release of the program this Sunday. Will discuss in studio Russian - the Belarus relations. But who becomes this time the visitor in studio, founders of show keep a secret.



program Edition Kitchen invites to cooperation of script writers, parodists, actors of an original genre and all who wishes to take part in work on the project. To leave the information on it is possible in section Back coupling on program page Kitchen on a site www. ont. by

ONT, on October, 3rd, 21. 05