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Service on - to ours: compote from the neighbour and cream from a pocket

Each campaign for a dinner in the nearest institution at us with colleagues turns to a lottery: a leah will carry with the waiter, or again will get « well, this ».

« Well, this » does not cease to surprise. To one our companion after the request about kompotike the waiter, without having been confused at all, has put the glass which has remained from the previous visitor.

- Forgive, but there something floats, - the colleague has shown.

- Yes? Well it is fine, now I will change, - all as unperturbably was parried by the waiter.

Another time this already « recommended » itself the young man has brought a cup from coffee.

- And cream where? – clients have asked.

- And so! – the waiter has responded, with dexterity of the conjurer taking a bag of cream from a pocket of trousers (thank God, at least own).

Recently the guru of service has again surpassed itself: When I have asked, a leah it is possible to pay off with a credit card, the waiter (attention) has brought on our lunch little table the device on reading of cards and is proud has left, having left us in the company with this device. A pier, do that want. The device, truth, worked crookedly, communication broke, and all ours tykanja buttons in what have not resulted. It was necessary to thrust in the device nalichku. Know, what the waiter has told, taking away denominations?

- Here so at once!

It is perfect, isn`t that so?

the Word of honour, to me it is not so necessary lakejskaja complaisance. I on a broader scale very much am sceptical about all holujstvu and lebezeniju, including in public caterings. To an attraction « have dinner with this waiter » we with colleagues have already got used to concern with humour.

Eventually – well, happens: well, there is a person not on the place. And the manager, its employed, too, probably, not on the. And the chief of that manager, turns out, too.

Perhaps, it is superfluous occasion to think – a leah and each of us is there where it should be? Who should replace simply restaurant, and to whom – a way of life? It after all so, in effect, is simple: to stop and think. To begin with itself and, at least, to the greatest not to bring compotes from the next little table.