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In Tyumen there will pass an exhibition Young designers and architects - to a city

From July, 19th till August, 3rd   in Tyumen   in Color parkway within the limits of commemorating 422 - j anniversaries of the basis of a city there will pass an exhibition - competition Young designers and architects - to a city .   the Exhibition - competition is included into the program of X All-Russia festival of architecture, design and art Capital of the Russian design 2008 - Tyumen .

To participation in an exhibition - competition pupils, teachers of architectural and design specialities are invited; architects and the designers having the experience of practical work on a speciality; the creative, design and industrial organisations. Age restriction for the participant of competition - 35 years.

Presented on an exhibition - work competition should correspond to problems of perfection of the architectural and city environment of Tyumen, contain new and perspective offers on its improvement according to modern world experience and actual tendencies of architecture, art and design, the city administration informs.

the Exhibition - competition is spent in directions Architecture and the City environment .

Architecture :

1. Public buildings,

2. Residential buildings,

3. Search projects.

the City environment :

1. Sredovoj design,

2. Communicative design,

3. Design of a suit.

In each section following nominations are established:

- the Best idea

- the Best incarnate work

- the Best student`s work .

works participate In an exhibition - competition, design offers, the author`s concepts which are at any design stage and performance, created in last 5 years.