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In Tyumen « City flowers » will appear on cars

on July, 26th, in the City Day, on the area trading - the entertaining centre Goodwin the justice of the Central district of Tyumen will hold competition of flower beds on cars City flowers .

To participation in competition the organisations of various patterns of ownership, city ozelenitelnye the organisations and firms, and also tsvetovodcheskie economy and private businessmen are invited.                       each participant should issue one vehicle in the territory according to the individual project, using the landing and inert materials, applying many-tier or vertical gardening, carrying out necessary care of plants before competition end. The ending   Competition demonstration of the issued vehicles on one of central squares   is; in the City Day.

Criteria of an estimation of participants:   the original design decision of flower registration; decorative effect of a flower bed (high artistry, harmony of colour combinations, mastery); presence of bright design idea (concept) in coloristic registration of a flower bed;   the best execution of new constructive decisions, technologies and materials at creation of flower beds (use in a composition inert   (not vegetative) materials); reflexion of philosophy of city space in flower registration; creative experiment in flower registration.

the Winner of competition will be awarded by the special prize founded by organising committee. The participants who have occupied prize-winning places, - gift certificates. All participants are awarded by diplomas, informs a press - city administration service.