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In Ulyanovsk have caught werewolves

the investigation of the case of the corrupted militiamen

Has come to the end with Office of Public Prosecutor of the Ulyanovsk region the bill of particulars is confirmed and criminal case concerning the officers of militia abusing powers of office is directed to court.

As it is established, in the spring of 2007 the head of group on disclosing of socially dangerous acts connected with illegal circulation of narcotics and psychotropic substances Lenin RUVD of Ulyanovsk Vitaly Bredun in common with the colleague - operupolnomochennym branches on struggle against stealings and thefts avtomototransportnyh means of the same division of law-enforcement bodies Sergey Lipchenko, and also two civilians of Gamaevym and Ragimovym has organised a gang for fulfilment of roguish actions. Besides, during a search the pistol of system has been found out in Gamaeva on apartment Tokarev (TT) of calibre of 7,62 mm with the shop loaded by ammunition.

Thereupon to the major of militia Bredunu, 1974 year of birth, and to second lieutenant Lipchenko, 1980 year of birth, is brought accusation under item 285 item p.1 (abusing powers of office) and 159 ch. 4 (the swindle made with causing of a considerable damage to the citizen, with use of the office position, the organised group) the criminal code of Russian Federation.

Their civil podelnikam Ibragimu Gamaevu, 1976 year of birth, - in swindle, the organisation of abusing powers of office (item 33 item ch. 3, item 285 p.1 the criminal code of Russian Federation) and illegal acquisition, storage of fire-arms, ammunition (item 222 p.1 the criminal code of Russian Federation), Juusifu Ragimovu, 1985 year of birth, - in swindle and complicity in abusing police officers the powers.

All members of group are arrested. Investigation of the given criminal case is finished, and it is directed to court for consideration.