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Illnesses prevailed against Nonnu Mordjukovu some years

Last years have stood out for the great actress, national favourite Nonny Mordjukovoj very heavy. Serious illnesses prevailed against a legend of our cinema one after another.

In April 2004 Fast has brought Nonnu Viktorovnu to institute of a name Sklifosovsky - in the actress have found out a thrombosis of a femoral artery. However clinic Mordjukova has soon left, without having recovered. And in some days has got to resuscitation of capital hospital 51 with a myocardium heart attack.

It was found out that position serious - has begun an internal bleeding. Nonnu Viktorovnu have urgently translated this very day in the Central clinical hospital (TSKB). Doctors well-known kremlevki have made all from them depending, and the actress has gradually gone on the amendment.

But, alas, tests for it have not ended. In November, 2006 Nonna Viktorovna has again appeared at reanimatologov TSKB - the great actress the stroke has struck. Since then hospital walls of a steel for Mordjukovoj almost the second house - she even more often had to be converted behind the help.
definitively all has become aggravated in March, 2008 - the actress has again got in TSKB, with consequences   the transferred stroke. She did not complain, did not surrender. Bore the cross with one it inherent worthiness. And, once again getting on a hospital cot, believed that will sustain, will consult. Believed and hoped on the best and millions its admirers.

But illness, alas, has appeared more strongly. After an extract has passed very few time, and already on May, 23rd the ingenious actress again have urgently put in kremlevku - has sharply jumped up pressure. In branch where Nonna Viktorovna more than once received medical treatment, have done the utmost to help. But this time, unfortunately, efforts of physicians have appeared are vain.

last week the status Mordjukovoj has sharply worsened, it have urgently translated in resuscitation branch. And soon it became clear to doctors that the organism weakened by illnesses cannot cope with the next blow. Doctors, nevertheless, did everything that was in their forces. And during any moment could - taki to stabilise a status of the patient. However improvement as it was found out, was only time. At ten o`clock in the evening on Sunday Nonna Viktorovna has died

Will bury the actress on Wednesday, on July, 9th, on the Kuntsevsky cemetery, near to the son.

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