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Getting to army, the Saratov recruits should pay?

this spring in Saratov at doors of military registration and enlistment offices turns of recruits

Such flow of the young men are built, wishing to give to the Native land a sanctity, speaks that in some sources there has passed the information that ostensibly from next year service life will be again increased, moreover and till 2,8 years! By a recognition of recruits, physical examination procedure now it is possible to name army a casting as the plan on an appeal is exceeded for a long time already on 160 %. Some young men even have been urged to pay medical board money to get in last car a leaving army echelon

the COMMENT of the EXPERT:

Generals actually should select those who is better than others it is ready physically - have confirmed - Saratov in a regional military registration and enlistment office.

the Assistant to the chief of branch morally - psychological and information work Irina Mehovich:

- the Plan on an appeal of ordinary soldiers is really already exceeded. There was a situation, at which at us on 100 places, for example, in a construction battalion of potential recruits of 300 persons! So the medical board is spent at very serious level. By the way, graduates of the HIGH SCHOOLS which are subject to an appeal, all this history in any way does not concern - we type them, as well as has been planned. Experts with higher education do not suffice always.