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The drunk arbitrator served a match of the championship of Belarus

In the championship of Belarus on football there was an unknown case. On one of matches 13 - go tour in the field of the command arbitrator FIFA Sergey Shmolik in an alcohol intoxication has deduced.

It is not known, how intoxicated the referee could defend an hour and a half games. However right after a final whistle of Shmolika under hands have withdrawn in podtribunnoe a stadium premise.

As have found out later, two days prior to game the Brest arbitrator wanted to refuse a trip to Vitebks from - for back pains, but as a result he all - taki has decided to fulfil on a match. Not to feel a pain and discomfort during a football duel, Sergey, probably, has decided to hold a meeting tipsy .

In an office of one of city clinics where Shmolik right after games has been sent, both have confirmed the diagnosis . Problems with a back at the referee really are. But the main thing that has been established, degree of alcoholic intoxication - 2,6 promille. And, as it is known, after 2,5 promille there comes heavy degree of intoxication, informs pressbol .