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World scientists have united to investigate the data from Mars

Today in   Paris the meeting of the international working group on research of Mars will begin. To France for participation in this project there have arrived scientists, engineers, employees of space agencies and representatives of the industry from every corner of the globe.

world scientists have united to investigate the data from Mars which were sent by the American mars rover the Phoenix and to bring the first scientific and practical   results of the analysis of the data from the Red planet, passes the Beacon .

we Will remind, the American probe will spend on the Red planet of 90 days. And though the project is calculated for three months, employees of NASA hope that capacities of the device will suffice on investigating a far-out planet one more superfluous month much.

thoroughly to study northern pole of the Red planet, in a probe it is built in special mini - laboratory - the device itself carries out the chemical analysis of a Martian ground and sends reports on results to the Earth. With special predilection the Phoenix searches for water and ice on Mars. The analysis of the frozen water can inform scientists very many.

probe Mission - to search for signs at least primitive life on Mars. a phoenix investigates northern pole where still never there were space vehicles. Besides research of tests of a ground, he observes for Martian weather atmosphere and the meteophenomena. And the main thing, delaeti sends stereophotos of a surface of Mars to the Earth.  

Space expedition the Phoenix cost NASA of 420 million dollars.   now the surface of the Red planet is investigated by three space vehicles - a probe the Phoenix Has arrived on help to two mars rovers of NASA the Spiritist and Oportjuniti . And in 2009 to the Red planet one more device will depart.

On NASA site it is informed that the Phoenix it is equipped much better mars rovers, on its board the advanced and powerful devices, which else never applied on Mars.