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In court business of the leader " is passed; tambovtsev “ about rejderskih captures


business materials are directed To court of Petersburg about rejderskih the capture which main figurant is well-known businessman Vladimir Barsukov. Law enforcement bodies consider its as one of leaders and founders “ Tambov “ groupings.

to It make two episodes moshenichestva in sphere of illegal captures of the companies. In 2005 of Badgers has illegally taken hold of the right to dispose of restaurant “ the Petersburg corner “ belonging to the girlfriend of the governor of Petersburg Natalia Shpakovoj, and a supermarket “ Smolninsky “. The scheme has been well fulfilled, documents on resale of shares of the companies chosen for rejderskoj of attack at first were forged, then through tax inspection changes in uniform gosudarstvenny the register of legal bodies were made. And after a number of fictitious transactions the owner of the organisation became under control “ tambovtsam “ Open Company “ Nika plus “.

Barsukova have detained in August, 2007 in Petersburg. Operation passed in a mode ρεκπεςνξρςθ:μξλ, in law enforcement bodies at “ tambovtsev “ there are informants. Barsukova already some times tried to arrest, but each time of that warned.

- Kumarin had strong influence in Petersburg, - recognised the Seagull. - before it all did “ ku “.

Later it has been translated in a pre-trial detention centre “ Sailor`s Tishin “ in Moscow, with the beginning of September to it have brought accusations in the organisation “ Tambov “ groupings and rejderskih captures. Badri Shengelija became the main witness of charge.

Badri Shengelija as whom law enforcement bodies magnified almost as the main thing in a city as regards assignment of another`s property, has received only 2 years and 9 months of imprisonment. On hearings, strange humanity of law enforcement bodies speaks simply: SHengelija has given the necessary evidences against Vladimir Kumarina that has allowed to arrest that. For it ostensibly inspectors have promised Badri easy and short otsidku.

Now Kumarin has already finished acquaintance with criminal case materials. As Sergey Afanasev has informed avdokat accused, he does not see in the proofs collected during the investigation, something that would specify in guiltliness of Kumarina, writes “ Komersant “ they are muffled and nekonkretny.