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The seigniorial has executed a new football hit

One of these days, the known musician and the ardent football fan Michael Seigniorial has presented to the wide public the new creation cast by Euro - 2008.

As informs Metro it has executed a hymn under the name Croatia, Croatia . Composition release on motive mushketerskoj Konstantsii has taken place within the precincts of BKZ October .
- This song from kapustnika which have composed for presentation the Silver galosh - the executor admitted. - unfortunately, I do not know authors. I already sang it some times in Moscow. For Peter is first execution. And, I think, it will become obsolete the cabbage life - still few times I will execute also all. But there will be others - not a problem. We with Migitsko write often such songs - especially by anniversaries Zenith . At us already whole collection. Also we sing on pair. There there were congratulations both on silver and on bronze. Also there are ridiculous things which could be repeated.

Despite creative successes, actors are not going to work professionally in a tandem. So from Seigniorial and Migitsko we hardly will manage to the collection of football smash hits to listen.

- Is not present that you! - has modestly responded Seigniorial. Are very intimate affairs which are frequently clear only to football players.


it is not necessary LJA LJA


In selection Israel and Andorra,

beat Us, we stood against the stop,

In a heat stood and in snow snowdrifts,

And it has appeared - it was necessary to run!

In entrenchments the enemy, and we - clearly,

Bystrov, Sychev, Izmaylov, Aldonin,

Is lost fight, and to us laughed in a back,

We were in the priest, but suddenly from a bottom someone has taken out us!

Croatia, Croatia, Croatia, Croatia, Croatia!


Moscow visitors militia meets,

the Ending to look Englishmen,

the English fan abrupt, but ours - were flied more abruptly!

To Moscow to support Chelsea go chukchi.

And here the penalty, a goal - sob fans,

And poor Abramovich on screens,

In eyes melancholy and thought one has stiffened:

Has bought, the fool, British, and it would be necessary to buy .

Croatia, Croatia, Croatia, Croatia, Croatia!


We as Suvorov are torn through the Alpes,

And to us Spaniards there remove scalps,

We to Greeks have kicked a goal with a foot tired,

And to Swedes have given battle, as under


the Dutch team,

And behind the back - Guus Hidding costs Poltava,

And here, have surrounded!

Attack, fight, victory! All has mixed up!

We jumped, as children, and from a tribune smiled,

Croatia, Croatia, Croatia, Croatia, Croatia!