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Health of the Ural tourist who has run whom in Turkey, improves

Victor Listochkina have translated from one reanimatsionnoj the chambers, were on the second floor   hospitals 1, in another, on the ground floor. As has told to agency The day before. RU it   friend Sergey Churin, tells it about status improvement.

- Victor on Monday left a coma, yesterday communicated with the wife, smiled.   at it   even appetite has woken up, he has asked wife Olga to bring to it to eat, - Sergey Churin speaks.

However, doctors estimate a status   Victor on - former as it is stable - heavy. They yet do not give forecasts, when   the football trainer   can rise on feet.

we will remind, the Russian has run in whom into Turkey and has stayed in it of 12 days. The misfortune happens with 55 - summer Victor Listochkinym - the football player, the judge and the organizer of children`s competitions. In the beginning of June the native club has awarded Victor with wife Olga   a vacation package to Antalia. On June, 17th at outwardly healthy sportsman   there was an internal bleeding, and in some days Victor has run in whom.   past Saturday   Victor Listochkina   by the plane have brought   in regional clinical hospital 1 Ekaterinburg in reanimatsionnoe branch, it was in a clod.