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Saratov kikboksery have bypassed sportsmen from other cities

the World champion - Alexander Stetsurenko
the Photo: polina BENKALJUK

In the first of July in Bryansk the Championship of Russia on a kickboxing under the version has taken place To - 1

At competitions the world champion - Alexander Stetsurenko under the direction of the trainer of Paul Udodova acted. In the first fight it has met the finalist of Russia of 2007, the master of sports Maxim Umrihinym from the Amur region. It is the second meeting kikbokserov. Last year they boxed in Penza. And again saratovets Stetsurenko has pulled out victory on points at the rival.

In the second duel Alexander has sent in a knockout from Alexey Maksimkina from Kaluga. In the ending of competitions, battling to Elgamom Agabalaevym from Moscow, after hitch in the first round, has passed to attack and imposing to the rival beshennyj rate of a duel has confidently won.


Juniorka Ekaterina Zjablikova 1990 struggled with women. The competitor at it has appeared worthy - the candidate for the master of sports Dasha Gurjev from Murmansk, the pupil of the main judge of competitions Almaza Gismeeva. In all three rounds saratovchanka was in the lead with the bill 3:0 and has reached the final the championship.

Following the results of the Championship Alexander Stetsurenko will take part in the European championship in Portugal in November, 2008. Ekaterina Zjablikova will go on superiority of the world in September to Italy as the winner of Russia of 2008 under the version lou - kik among juniorok.