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The president of Lithuania not begins to sign the law on indexation of salaries and social benefits

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the President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus does not intend to sign passed by the Diet last week the law on indexation of the minimum salaries and social benefits depending on a rate of inflation, has informed on Tuesday the Lithuanian radio .  

This law has called already sharp criticism from the commissioner of EU on economic and monetary politicians of Hokino Almunii and many Lithuanian experts. In it they specify that the effect from such measures is opposite to the purpose - indexation only urges forward inflation.  

Adamkus considers that the passed law will not allow to execute also   a problem - to accept the sufficient budget the next year.

the Budget should be balanced. We cannot risk welfare of the people. If it is necessary, the government should tighten belts. And I believe that it is possible to stop inflation. If the law does not respond this basic direction, I believe that it should not be accepted - he has declared   to journalists.

According to accepted past Tuesday a diet to the law, minimum   the monthly salary and cost of the minimum business hour should be reconsidered, if average inflation for two years exceeds 3 %. Proceeding from them, the sizes of social payments are defined also.