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To builders of the Beloyarsk atomic power station have forbidden to begin hunger-strike

to Striking builders of the fourth power unit of the Beloyarsk atomic power station from Kazakhstan   have forbidden   to arrange hunger-strike, having threatened with deportation. Today in administration Zarechnogo   there has passed a meeting deceived   builders and officials. As   one of participants of the action of the protest of Ruslan Chukeev has told, negotiations have ended with anything, it have told that tomorrow will pass meeting of special commission concerning strike, but   there it nothing workers, informs New Region .

- Besides, to us and hunger-strike have forbidden to begin. Have told that if we it declare, they   will dare at retaliatory measures, up to deportation, - has told Ruslan Chukeev.

Upset   workers   were again converted behind the help into Office of Public Prosecutor, but builders hardly believe in the help. Yesterday world court Zarechnogo   has rejected 5 claims of Kazakhs   Also has passed the decision in favour of the subcontractor Astanaenergopromstroj . The consul general of Kazakhstan too could not help with Omsk to workers, according to Chukeeva,   he does not respond to their calls.

- When have learnt a judgement, builders were in despair. Many steels to borrow money at acquaintances to come back home. Now   33 persons participate in a protest action, but even those who remained,   want to throw all and to go home, -   has added Ruslan Chukreev.

And representatives of the company of the FEASIBILITY REPORT Astanaenergopromstroj and To employed workers, say that a management in shock from statements of the employees.

- These people   have started to work in the end of May - what two months? - The chief accountant of the company Elena Shishokova is indignant. - the Part from them on a broader scale on building only in June has appeared. We is normal in the beginning of month all vyplatitli the salary. Only 40 persons why - that behind money were not, they now and have made all this noise

Shortly,   the estimation to actions genpodrjadchika will be given by Office of Public Prosecutor. As have told   in Beloyarsk interdistrict investigatory department SK of the SOU at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation on Sverdlovsk area, now there is a check which results declare within the next few days.

we Will note, it is primary in strike participated   about 60 workers, they   demanded to pay them the promised salaries.