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to Shops on wheels have defined placing places


For project realisation about razvoznoj to trade in bakery products and dairy production the administration of Petersburg has defined placing places.

Shops on wheels will appear on the Baltic area, the prospectus of Strikes about the house 2/ 2, parkway of Innovators at the house 83, street Savushkina opposite to the house 6, the Commandant`s prospectus at the house 14 case 1, Education prospectuses, 21 and Engels, 111 - 113. Razvoznaja trade is directed on reducing let the goods to the consumer and to reduce the prices for production zaschet surcharge reduction.

For businessmen the simplified system of the coordination of places of sale as informs BIA is created, it is enough to define the address of an arrangement of the shops, corresponding offered by Committee of economic development and trade to the list. shops on wheels Should be completed by the necessary trading equipment.

As already wrote KP, the decision about razvoznoj melkoroznichnoj to trade is accepted the government of St.-Petersburg in June, 2008.