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Pugacheva has reconciled with Phillip

Three days on end in the Kremlin there were concerts of composer Igor Krutogo. Tickets have been bought up even on 10 thousand roubles.

the scene has been issued expensively and avangardno. On it have built eight screens. Abrupt in black, with the butterfly was at the piano, and on a grand piano ballerina Ilze Liepa lay...

Abrupt name Pauls for poor. He has written about 350 songs, and became popular after a song “ the Madonna “ performed by Alexander Serova. However, Serova he has not invited to the Kremlin concert. Yes that also could not come from - for the upset feelings - one of these days it have plundered and have taken out from apartment about 280 thousand dollars.

still Abrupt has not invited to participate in a concert Lima Vajkule and Irina Allegrovu with which worked much. In their relations - cooling. At a concert Abrupt has sung a duet with Nikolaevym. Nikolay Baskov left on the semibent feet and sang, wagging a torso.

Instead of defective Lima has appeared on a scene of Alsu in gentle - a pink dress. On November, 8th it will appear at ceremony جزV in Frankfurt and will receive an award in a nomination “ the Best executor of Russia “. Alsu sang new songs about love. At the Abrupt many songs devoted to this feeling. Probably, because its love to the wife remains always new - from - for separate residing.

he has got acquainted with the present spouse Olga Retuevoj in the USA. Olga was married, at it Vick`s daughter, at Abrupt - adult son Nikolay who studies as the manager in Moscow.

Olga remained to live in America. Vick`s daughter Britney Spears sings songs from repertoire and once has wanted to participate in the Russian competition “ the Morning star “ hoping that the stepfather will help. But Abrupt has told to nobody that its foster daughter participates. And it has taken off with a crash. Kobzon, being the judge, having learnt about it, very much was upset.

Pugacheva in black brjuchnom a suit and in a silvery silk raincoat sang that about the gentle boy, about tramvajchik, about love. It wailed so that walls shivered.

... After that to it there was Phillip, has embraced her and has congratulated. And spouses on public have shown well-being and rest in their family after numerous conversations on the novel Pugachevoj with Galkin.