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Putin has declared war to ministers - to capitalists?

events of last days in which course armchairs under such columns of the domestic government as heads of Ministry of Railways, the Ministry of Emergency Measures, the Ministry of Press, Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources, the State Committee on fishery, should suggest that we are witnesses of the next cleaning which have begun in " have reeled; tops . Naturally, there are questions: why and what for?

On this bill many versions walk. We will allocate three cores.

the first. Putin gets rid of members family a clan. Looks plausibly. Practically all potential a victim - is not simple Yeltsin`s promoted workers. They its favourites. However how here to be with the main fisherman of the country Nazdratenko? Well-known that a family it abhors. So symmetry of the scheme is broken.

the second. Putin`s command is anxious by possibility of falling of its rating after a number of decisions of last time (support of the USA in operation in Afghanistan, closing of objects of the Minister of Defence in Vietnam and in Cuba and so forth) . The Kremlin political strategists have remembered that popularity of the president has sharply increased after he has conducted campaign on ravnoudaleniju oligarchs. Also have decided to repeat reception, but already concerning large state officials. However, according to all available data from polls, Putin`s rating on - former remains rather high (over 70 %).

the Third. Simply - naprosto style of work of the federal executive power, developed does not arrange Putin at a former mode. When state officials of various ranks worked first of all on feeding their business - structures and only in the second - on the state. Here the turn ravnoudalenija state officials from feeding troughs also has come.

it is probable, the certain share of true is in all versions. The main thing not in it. And that campaign for corruption eradication in the higher echelons of power prick it has begun, it should be conducted with a support on the right - in sense legal, instead of on political sympathies - antipathies. Putin like would assert that no political underlying reason here is present, the firm and impartial hand of the law operates. Well and if it so, present attack on ministers - capitalists - the beginning only of the big war.