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“ the Person of the XXI-st century “ became 15 - summer Anja Vjalitsyna

When the Nizhniy Novgorod TV has informed this news - in Milan on prestigious mezhlunarodnom competition Fashionably Loud Model Search (something like “ the New fashionable superperson “) The Russian girl became the first, and on the screen there was a photo of the winner, - little girls in Bottom have already screamed from delight: “ Yes it is our Anja! “. News was carried instantly so not only schoolmates, but even its grandmother in village has learnt about success of Ani Vjalitsynoj. She after all to anybody from them has not told that goes to Milan.
in a fashion - Aniny of a freckle
And here - 15 - the summer schoolgirl has come back home, and we sit with it and with Alla, her mother, in cafe. Anja drinks the favourite pineapple juice: - I do not know, how me on a broader scale have learnt. To us, finalists of competition, have made an improbable make-up, have very brightly made up lips, and eyes from - for black podvodki have turned out to the temples!
Anja - that is not painted at all: “ I try, that people have got used to me such what I am “. But on a selection casting which in Peter was spent by organizers “ Superpersons... “ has decided to make up.
- “ immediately all smojte! “ - have told to us. And we very long themselves ottirali because even soaps near at hand have not appeared. Now in the world it is appreciated naturalnost. And in Milan supermodels of Hajdi Klum and Aurella Klaudel which have concerned me very benevolently, advised to be natural.
... At competition Fashionably Loud Mξdel Search search for persons who only become fashionable. Persons who will be tomorrow. On conditions of competition of the girl should not be connected with modelling business.
Russia on competition has been admitted for the first time. Anja has reached the final together with two girls from Switzerland and Czechia and young men - the German.
- know, why world agencies not so love the Russian girls? - To models, - the representative of organizers Elena Korableva speaks. - For our mysterious grief in eyes. Time the dog grief - means, Russian. Define unmistakably. But, probably, other generation has grown. Anja it is similar to a shining sun.
... But most “ solar “ At Ani, certainly, - its freckles. Exclusive. Calling.
history of the Cinderella
the Father of our Cinderella - the sports doctor, mum - too the physician, treats kids in children`s hospital. At school - the honours pupil. Loves a potato with meat and pineapples. Every summer - in village at the grandmother. About the parametres - 85 - 60 - 86 - has learnt, only when it have measured in Milan. Listens not to DeTsla, and Andrea Bochelli, and the favourite book - “ Two captains “... But in children`s questionnaires of Anja immutably wrote that wants to become model. And one year ago mum also has resulted it on a casting in local school of models. Then, truth, they have refused this invention, but in a card file of agency Aniny of a photo remained. Casually they were seen by the representative of firm - the organizer. Anju have invited to St.-Petersburg to selection Russian tour... And then - a call from Paris at midnight: “ You go to Milan! “
Three happy days in Milan
In Milan Anju known fashion designer Alexander Del/// ` has chosen for display of the collection Akva. A collection remarkable, only shoes were so are high and difficult that Ane was necessary to train tormentingly - but in three days it already went, as the supermodel.
- ballroom dances have helped, - Anja shares. - That such “ correct carrying out of a foot “ me for a long time have taught.
Primerki, “ prohodki “ unbounded advertising shootings went with 9 till midnight. To designers it as - that has attracted at once. And on last party of Anja has come in bright - a red dress which hastily sewed at the familiar dressmaker some days before departure to Milan. “ at what fashion designer you put on? “ - reporters have rushed to it. “ at own “ - quickly there was Anja. And once journalists even have removed from it a boot and long searched for a firm label. “ and we bought boots in Bottom “ - the newly made star has sighed.
one of the most known modelling agencies of the world has already concluded with Anej Vjalitsynoj the contract for 3 years. And the well-known designer Yamamoto has chosen the girl for shootings of the new catalogue “ autumn - winter 2001 - 2002 “.