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Our teenagers understand nothing in sex

Our teenagers almost nothing differ from the western contemporaries: the same problems. Only contraception understand less. To such unexpected conclusion our and Dutch sociologists have come, having interrogated 1600 teenagers from five Russian cities. Two groups worked in Mytischi situated near Moscow and Dmitrove. A subject - topical: the Status of sexual and reproductive health .
the Total report was called however romantically, so and pretentiously: a leah it is easy to be young and enamoured of Russia? making comments on it, the professor of the Netherlands school of public health of Evert Ketting has informed that some differences to find out all - taki it was possible. For example, answering a question, in what case is comprehensible to enter physical affinity, the majority of the western teenagers have responded: When want to get married . And the most unpopular answer at zakordonnoj youth was banal Desire to have sex . In Russia the young young growth tended to argument more often: If both would like . the fact Is amazing that intention to establish a family in consciousness of young Russians only indirectly associates with sexual relations - the brave researcher summarised.
on intimate subjects young Russians scoop the basic part of the information from newspapers, magazines, TV programs and from friends.
direct results of research and at some optimistic thoughts. We will tell, despite occurring opinion on commercialism of rising generation, less than 40 percent interrogated have declared that dream of the big money. To successes in study and maintenance of good relations with ancestors participants of poll gave a priority where ohotnee.

very important the interrogated have characterised following values:
good state of health - 80,6 %
normal mutual relations with parents - 78,5 %
rest with friends - 55,5 %
an appreciation at school - 44,6 %
are a lot of money - 36,7 %

In spite of the fact that in words the Russian youth is very disturbed by the health, the status in practice does not please him. So, according to authors sotsissledovanija, only with 1991 for 1997 cases of chronic diseases at teenagers have become frequent for 38 percent. The number of young men and the girls who have picked up a syphilis, has increased with 1989 for 1997 almost in 100 (!) times.