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To each officer - a hut with a tile?

yesterday the government discussed how faster to provide with habitation of the former Russian military men. In May, 1998 the government has offered them such variant. Sluzhivye receive the housing certificate - the certificate that the state will pay it habitation cost. With this paper in hands they look for apartment and after the conclusion of the contract on its purchase receive from the budget a grant. But not for all sum of transaction, and at best only for 80 percent.

it is clear, at the present prices for habitation to find the remained thousand roubles or especially dollars not to any officer under force. And the program the State housing certificates it was financed badly. For three with superfluous year the government has allocated for it only 49 % of means from requirement. In total certificates have received 53 627 families though the quantity needing three times is more.

On what to hope the former military man? Government plans are that. In 2002 so much housing certificates for the first time will be let out, how much is planned by the state program. Namely: 40 thousand pieces. And if business goes the same rates housing problems of all Russian otstavnikov will be solved by 2010 further. Besides, as the chairman of Gosstroy Anvar Shamuzafarov has informed, already in the near future is planned to enter 100 - percentage payment of certificates.