Rus News Journal

People who have surprised us

Vladimir PUTIN
answering a question of participants of the World economic forum What you see the country in 2010? the president has puzzled with surprisingly mysterious forecast: In 2010 Russia will live happily . The simple human happiness Means? Or it again will be not in money?

the Minister of Defence of the USA with surprising patriotism has explained idiotic misses of the American bombers in Afghanistan: Any nation in the history of mankind has not made more us to avoid victims among the peace population . Well as after that though in something to catch up and overtake the United States of America?!

the Terrorist From Vladikavkaz
the Unknown drunk has untwisted the whole Ministry of Internal Affairs of the North Ossetia on philanthropy, having asked for fighters with terrorism of 2 million roubles and having disappeared with kindly given out sum. (For October, 31st of this year) . But, on the other hand, can, this unfortunate will not die now of hunger and a cold?

the Leader Labour Russia addressing to the Rostov Bolsheviks, has brought surprisingly foolish contribution to struggle against the Siberian ulcer: On a Rostselmash a hysterics - a white powder of type have found. And Komsomol truth in gloves works. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread! to throw, a leah that, to it a glove with a white powder of type? So after all an infection to an infection...

44 - summer mum of the victim on Kursk sailor Ruslana Trjanicheva hard was ill after death of the unique son. But has found forces to live. And on Tuesday has given birth to a daughter! Little sister Ruslana and it 117 brothers...