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The best films at the Moscow festival go hors concours

Intim (Intimacy)
the Director: Patris Shero
France, 2000
On the Moscow film festival a film is shown on spetspokazah
About a film wrote and write basically in connection with plentiful erotic scenes observed in it. Say, the actress of Kerry Fox has shown all details of the organism, for as has received the Berlin prize for Best Actress. Sex in a picture much. Imagine to itself Last tango in Paris without impudent and superfrank on that time of erotic outbursts. intim - about the same. Heroes - it and it - meet at the same time every week in its started barchelor apartment and without words indulge on a floor in animal sex. On thought radikalista Shero ( Queen Margo ) The usual human loneliness can be broken only in such a way. Kisses here obviously you will not manage. In one of episodes the heroine - the actress and the teacher - subjects to the sharp criticism the love scene played by its pupils. Hardly touching the friend to the friend characters do not convince her.
Shero among other representatives of the European art film here with it is completely solidary. Original pressure of passion is not so capable to pass close ups of a kerchief which is compressed by a female hand at the moment of ecstasy. Bodies of the actors copulating without fools shining with sweat, in nature, - here unique rescue of the jammed love subject. Actors at such approach really work any more only the person. And still nemnogokratno shown erektsiej the British actor Mark Rajlens reaches the rare at cinema of heights of human tragic element. Its skill - in inexpressible bitterness of cynical blue eyes.
it is possible to look at a film on June, 29th in 21. 30 at a cinema 35 mm (ph. 917 - 18 - 83) and in 23. 30 at a cinema Rolan (ph. 916 - 94 - 12).
Italian for beginners (Italian for Beginners)
the Director: the Bosom of Sherfig
Denmark, 2000
On the Moscow film festival the film is shown in the program Other cinema
the Next victory Danish Dogmas (associations of the directors who have refused all artificial adaptations at cinema - light, the steady chamber, offscreen music and so on) a film Italian for beginners - product simultaneously both touching, and painful. It would Seem, at a film there is all melodramatic set: separated in infancy and at mature age sisters finding each other; mortally sick mother begging the daughter to increase to it a dose of morphine; The former football player, as a result of unsuccessfully executed penalty become the impotent man and taking hard the love for the young Italian... All these losers in life find a unique joy in studying of beautiful Italian language. The little having achieved in linguistics, but extremely having approached, heroes in the ending appear in Venice where their novels come by the happy end. Painful this show does not only absence of habitual cine effects, but also pleasing eyes of attractions. For example, in the form of sex in a diaphragm ( Idiots a background of Triera). It is curious that from all nisprovergatelskih dogmovskih films this quite respectable and traditional cinema also has made in the homeland the greatest cash desk.
upon termination of a film festival the film leaves in the Moscow hire.
together (Tillsammans)
the Director: Lukas Mudisson
Sweden, 2000
On the Moscow film festival a film is shown in the program 8 1/ 2 films
Swede Mudisson is converted to a subject big, not always amicable the Swedish family the sample of the middle 70 - h. The homemaker who has left from the husband settles with children in a commune of hippie. Interests at communitarians different - from Marxism-Leninism to homosexuality inclusive. But healthy petty-bourgeois interests of newcomers gradually destroy the strict local schedule. It is a little jotas - mastiffs (in a commune all vegetarians), are there was some by fate - music (in its commune consider as a bourgeois prejudice), and done. As it, the right, it is pleasant - to throw out fooled around on a head a plate with an omelette, instead of to hide healthy reactions behind reasonings about free love ! The amusing, soft film of Mudissona proves: the person - the proprietor, also it is useless with it to struggle.
Upon termination of a film festival the film leaves in the Moscow hire.
a final abode (The Last resort)
the Director: Paul Pavlikovsky
Great Britain, 2000
On the Moscow film festival a film is shown in the program New Europe
Russian woman Tanja with 10 - the summer son comes to England to the groom who has invited it. the groom urgently retires in bushes, and Tanja gets to camp for displaced persons. Life there not sugar: settle Russian in peeled multiroom bomzhatnik, feed with any poison under coupons, for protected territory do not allow also to a step to step. And extremely it is necessary for Tana to London - with the groom to understand, can, he has not understood that.
Sane Tannin the son (Artem Strelnikov - poured out Leo DiKaprio in the childhood) convinces her of senselessness of this enterprise and urges to pay attention to the nice neighbouring guy Olfi who is going all out, helping refugees necessarily. But Tanja so cannot: Olfi simply it is pleasant to it, and she loves the groom not considering with its bride. From all this hopelessness young Artem furiously uses foul language, drinks bitter and discloses northern landscapes songs about the Katyusha.
a modest, small film Pavlikovsky (on the Russian material made Stringera with Bodrov and Ilyin) it is removed under the reporting and takes this nemanipuljativnoj, not pathos reliability, accuracy and persuasiveness of characters.
it is possible to look at a film on June, 26th in 18. 00 at a cinema Havana (ph. 971 - 44 - 86) and on June, 29th in 17. 00 at a cinema Illjuzion (ph. 915 - 43 - 53).