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That we drove on such semerkah !

the Input on an exhibition has been issued in an original way - from a threshold the visitor rested a sight against the stern of an armoured troop-carrier decorated with a label My favourite car! . Hardly aside the small crowd has surrounded vazovskuju to ten with the poster Stealing - show . Any interested person within an hour should remove this car from the alarm system, start the engine and, having dispersed, sharply to brake. If on asphalt there were black traces of tyre covers - the car becomes the property the car thief . On last salon certain umelets has unblocked the prize-winning car of all for one and a half minute. This year talented car thieves were not yet. Any gloomy bratok minutes thirty dived under a torpedo it was picked the motor, and has then told to organizers Stealing - show : I in the street even did not begin to potter, have hooked its cable - and greetings!

Bratok has angrily slapped a driver`s door and has gone to look new a bomb 7 - j series.

in Europe this car for the present nobody saw. Therefore the whole hour the general director of BMW Russland Herbert Grjunshtadel painted to journalists of worthiness and navoroty a new limousine of a representation class. But released time to list everything, has not sufficed.

German autobuilders have tried to combine incompatible - to make a representation limousine with inclinations of an aggressive sports car. Though outwardly novelty of the car will be estimated only by the rare expert. All remains on the places: and characteristic nostrils radiator lattices, both dual headlights, and habitual zamylennost a silhouette. The basic innovations are hidden under a cowl and in salon.

As Herbert Grjunshtadel has declared, BMW - unique firm which can apply hi-tech sports workings out by serial cars. At new BMW, for example, vozduhozabornyj the path can change at will of the driver from 23 centimetres to 64! 8 - the cylinder engine is issued in two updatings: 3,6 litres and 4,4 litres. Dispersal to 100 kilometres per hour on new to the seven occupies accordingly 7,5 or 6,3 seconds. Germans have taken care, that the new limousine was moderately gluttonous. Having passed 100 kilometres, the seven will drink only 11 litres of gasoline.

one more worthiness of the car - a unique suspension bracket, thanks to which the seven does not heel on turns, and on a straight line does not notice holes and potholes. a bench hammer in habitual understanding is absent. The lay brake is put in action by the button.

and HOW At us?
all mine I drive with myself: chips, a teapot, the furnace with a pipe. .
jobless Krasnoyarsk engineer Vladimir Maksimov has put the furnace - burzhujku directly in salon of the Zaporozhtsa
Works teploagregat as and it is necessary to it, on fire wood. It is established on a place of a forward passenger seat. A stock of logs - under a back seat.

- Volodja, and what for, actually? - I ask the inventor.

- As it what for? To be heated! Tea to boil. In Zaporozhtsah native ovens break often, and weak they, not for our climate. While work - still all right. But only has switched off, there and then the frost to bones scolds - tightness of salon useless. Therefore some put more powerful heaters from other cars. But I did not begin to subtilize: on fire wood is more reliable and cheaper. I all year long should go on a summer residence far for a city, on the journey everyone can happen. And so I in any situation am quiet - chilly, warmly, it is possible to prepare food.

And Vladimir has there and then shown to us as it bakes bread directly in salon of the ZAZ - 968 . While drovishki inflamed, sypanul in a pan to steam of handfuls of a rye flour, has splashed milk, zamesil dough and there and then dexterously was blinded by ten small fritters. Has put them directly on a hot pig-iron plate burzhujki at all without having oiled it, and in five minutes we with the press photographer amicably crackled hot unleavened cakes.

- and gibededeshniki never fined?

- Stopped few times. at you that, burzhujka in salon? - aha . - In gives the people! OK, ezzhaj that from you to take .
Sergey to the BARGE HAULER. (Ours sob. A correspondent). Krasnoyarsk.