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Evgenie Kiselyov and Nikolay Svanidze of a steel teletuzikami

It seems that in the near future at fans of political analytics necessity without interruption will disappear to click the TV button, being switched from one channel to another. All most known and scandalous characters of domestic telepublicism, having forgotten mutual revilings and offences, will start to gather on Ren TV in the program teletuziki .

Amicably having taken seat in a circle on a green clearing, Evgenie Kiselyov, Michael Leontev, Sergey Dorenko, Nikolay Svanidze and others screen tuziki will be engaged in favourite business - will start to discuss events of the past week.

it is a question of computer doubles of the known telepersons created by means of improbable graphic navorotov in animation studio of Ren TV. Having applied new technologies and provozivshis seven months, authors have created seven indelible images of the important screen husbands who have run into the deep childhood.

Therefore also behave teletuziki accordingly: Svanidze the sugar candy, Leontev will lick - to shoot from children`s pistoletika. Ljubimov - the lyrical hero, at it is a doll - a tumbler toy. And at serious Kiselyov and a toy serious: an inflatable mobile phone. However, surnames tuzikam are not put, and they will name each other only on names: Kohl, Sasha, Misha, Eugene...

similarity of characters to prototypes - almost absolute. A unique lie of life - absence of a beard at Eugene Kiselyov. But after all when there was Eugene small also beards at it were not.

as will behave teletuziki - it is not known, all - taki children: can and get naughty and even to fight. But while will peacefully sunbathe on the sun, to sing, dance. As especially man`s contingent will be diluted in the near future with girls - Tanja (Mitkova), Light (Sorokin) and Ljuda (Romanov). And on a visit very important persons begin to visit the cheerful company and even one trump polittuzik similar to Vova Putin.

the ten-minute program will appear every Sunday in a vesper aether of Ren TV, and the premiere will take place tomorrow.

Michael LEONTEV:
Start up remove. The patient I, a leah that to take offence?
- it seems To me that it is unsuccessful idea. Ren TV channel has a little sat up in outsiders, and this idea on spirit autsajderskaja. Such programs of parody type should separate from real characters. In it advantage Dolls Put out the light in which archetypes, instead of types are created. If a doll typical, instead of real - it successful.

Here - experience of computer imitation. It is amusing, but it not television, it kapustnik . Though as the person who does not manage humour, I and conceive it originally. But no negative relation neither to idea, nor to a plot at me is present. And offences any are not present, what I the patient, a leah that to take offence?

If only there were no group rapes!
- Any thoughts apropos teletuzikov at me is not present, as I almost know nothing about this project. If there there will be no offensive things in my address (and, apparently, for this purpose I did not give occasions), why and is not present? But if my character takes part in group rapes, I will mind. And so - even it is interesting that will turn out.