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has helped to put a monument to Anatoly Firsovu

On an old Shodnensky cemetery it was drizzling. Tablets with an inscription To Firsovu have resulted us in depth of a rural churchyard situated near Moscow.

is anything that a rain when last year we to Roofing felt buried, too poured, - Elena Nikolaevna, the widow of other legendary sportsman, Vsevoloda Bobrova speaks. Speak, on a cemetery a rain - a good sign - the nature cries.

people gather at the brand new two-metre granite cross tightened in a blue fabric. Here Anatoly Firsova`s partners in CSKA and a national team - double Olympic champion Evgenie Mishakov and triple - Alexander Ragulin hard walk. About something talk among themselves dinamovets Cocks and Guschin from Wings . Representatives of the Olympic committee and hockey Federation have control over armfuls of carnations.

- well, minutes five we will wait, and it is possible to begin? - Anatoly Firsov, Anatoly Vasilevicha`s son speaks...

as it was
... Three months ago correspondents in an anniversary of death of Firsova have visited on this place. The place where the substitute of fans lay, was designated by a usual wooden cross.

relatives expected to put independently through any time a monument to Anatoly Firsovu, without any help. And it, this help, anybody also did not offer. But really memory of such person is necessary only to relatives?

on July, 24th in there was a material In honour of Anatoly Firsova named the Yakut diamond, but for a tomb of a brilliant of Russian hockey grateful Russia and has not found money for a monument . We counted that such message will touch necessary people for live, but did not represent, as many person will conceive this news as personal offence. To us called from Kislovodsk and Murmansk, Moscow and Small Bears, called big People and it is simple fans.

all suggested us to take from them money (and considerable!) On monument building to the left substitute.

and then we and Firsova - younger were invited to itself by the chief of CSKA Michael Mamiashvili.

is my fault, - Michael Gerazevich reproached itself. - As I could forget? After all Firsov not only a symbol of army sports - I has grown on this name, ran in a court yard with a stick, having cut out on a shank a surname of the substitute. We should correct the error in the shortest terms - CSKA with monument installation incurs all financial and organizational questions.

from the moment of that our meeting has passed two with small month. And this Thursday on a tomb there was a marble monument. On it Anatoly Firsov, as well as thirty years ago, in a form of the team of the USSR conducts ice fight. On other party of a monument - a family photo with the wife Hope. Firsovy are buried together, Anatoly Vasilevich only for 100 days has endured the companion of life to which loss could not reconcile. Relatives say that it came to it every day, and then it has taken away it to herself.

At monument opening close people have gathered.

but, thank God, that there are hundreds, thousand and, perhaps, even millions fans across all former Soviet Union which store memory and feeling of gratitude to the person playing and living for them. Now we know it precisely.

Firsov Anatoly Vasilevich attacking, was born 1. 02. 1941. The triple champion of the Olympic games. Admitted the best hockey player of a planet three times. Last time - during the Olympic Games in Sapporo which has won back with an open stomach ulcer. Sports career has finished in 1974 in CSKA. It was selected the deputy of the Supreme body. Worked in association Kirovets which attached children to sports. Has constructed in Moscow 11 hockey boxes, has organised 22 sports sections. Was one of organizers of movement Gold washer . When Anatoly Vasilevicha did not become, business of the father was continued by the son. Together with Victor Kuzkinym they have created Anatoly Firsova`s Fund.

Alexander Ragulin: I was from Roofing felts till last day
- We played together with Firsovym of two ten years. Began 13 more - summer boys, and I was together with it about its last days. Memory of him should live. And it is very good that there were people who have helped to put it a monument. This business cannot be neglected. I here was in Toronto in the Canadian Hall of hockey glory. All at them there is made impressively, but I was surprised, how they originally represent hockey history. For example, except Roofing felts, there there are no players of our generation. And here Canadians whom we repeatedly beat on a platform, those hang. And we now too want to create the Hall of hockey glory on the basis of the Ice palace of CSKA. We are helped by Valery Guschin, Victor Vasilevich Tikhonov, other veterans. It will be objective history, we will tell about all outstanding hockey players: Soviet, Canadian, Czech, Finnish, Swedish. And, of course, Roofing felt there will take a place appropriate to it among the greatest stars.