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How much a place in the Higher league?

evil tongues, that fierce hatred, with a powerless mock abhor the Russian football, say that budgets of our commands actually are calculated not on purchase of new players, construction of stadiums and education of young shots, and all for two months in a year. The first is when before the beginning of the championship heads estimate, how much otvalit where it is necessary to judges that whistled, did not miss. The second - when should save a residence permit in the higher battalion. It is not necessary to remind, probably, that now the second. We categorically against so bad fabrications, but nevertheless petty-bourgeois prejudices in any way do not allow to estimate a situation soberly.

so left that at once seven clubs have theoretical chances to leave the higher battalion. More correctly, only six, as CHernomorets has absolutely said goodbye with high society . And suddenly which - who to whom points are not so necessary in beautiful game, loses which - to whom who yet has not solved the tournament problems. And the spectator please with an intrigue, and a victorious goal drive last minutes. And on a broader scale strange games becomes more and more. You want you do not want, the thought arises that all are solved by a thickness of a purse, instead of accuracy of forwards and reliability of goalkeepers. While the worst chances at first sight at Voronezh the Torch . There was one game with Moscow the Dynamo on a visit. What a difference at a Torpedo - ZIL ! Two matches: one - in Makhachkala, another - in Moscow against luzhnikovtsev . Why - that seems that other clubs will manage - taki to type on a point necessary for a survival... And here avtozavodtsy though will try to win at Anzhi (we will remind, Daghestanis can and lose, if only in last tour to manage to disperse the world with the Rotor - Why also is not present, if both that, and another it is favourable). And big a Torpedo will not miss an opportunity to sink namesakes. Spitpoisons would not fail to tell supposedly who will pay more, will not stint, that and remains. We are not that. But, it is obvious that to buy game during whole season in first battalion, to return to elite where is more expensive, than otvalit green now (speak, we do not believe, it is natural that a place in to a tower costs from 300 to 500 thousand dollars, and to get out of the first league and that is more expensive).

And here in struggle for the second place in the Russian league payoffs are almost excluded, and that thank God. zenith should beat fairly next Thursday CHernomorets and Loko itself will decide the destiny in matches against a Rostselmash and Spartaka .