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Tatyana Pushkin has married!

On Thursday in the conditions of the strict privacy popular TV presenter Tatyana Pushkin was combined by a legal marriage with the drummer of group Accident Paul Cheremisinym. On ceremony have not been admitted not only journalists, but even co-workers of the Pasha on group. Three days prior to official ceremony all Accident has with its full complement left for Egypt where musicians like to go for a drive on vindserfah. The pasha has modestly refused a trip, having explained that hates this sport. And only after colleague Cheremisina have learnt from the third parties that refusal of a trip is connected first of all with a forthcoming marriage. has clamped Pashka a holiday - musicians have given up as a bad job and have sailed away to Egypt.

a newly-married couple explains privacy abstract to us so it is felt .

- is simple we with my groom, and already and the husband, we want to digest this event inside our family, - Tatyana Pushkin has politely refused detailed conversation.

there is also other version of why all is covered by such mystery. After all this marriage - it is far not the first neither at Tatyana Pushkinoj, nor at the Pasha. The TV presenter (she for 8 years is more senior the groom) has had time to visit a registry office five times, the musician - three. Among husbands Pushkinoj - is a lot of people well-known. With Alexander Ljubimovym conducting the Sight she has lived in marriage two years. They have dispersed silently and modestly, having understood that the big love between them is not present. And here previous, the fifth, Pushkin`s marriage named the biggest passion. Director George Gavrilov who lives for a long time already in America, could not get on with adult son Pushkinoj from the first husband. Besides to marriage stirred the kilometres dividing spouses.

That is why the message on divorce did not become the big revelation for all who knew this pair. And here news about a future marriage with Paul has appeared a surprise.

at the groom the biography too the rough. It come from Novosibirsk, the Pasha has had time to learn in Kazan suvorovskom school moreover in group with the Afghani (!) language. However, therefrom him have expelled from - for love to knocking on drums. See you with Pushkinoj the Pasha was three times married.