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SILT And the CARCASS have not faced nearly in the sky

On Wednesday in the sky Kirenska (Irkutsk region) there was an incident. Two passenger planes have very strongly approached - on distance of one kilometre.

silt - 62 flied from Vladivostok to Moscow at level of 9600 metres. They be 154 went from Magadan to Irkutsk. Its height was 10 600 metres. As we know, crew Silt has requested of the Irkutsk dispatcher other height. At this time it was in a management zone Kirensk - aviacontrol . To the plane have allowed to rise. And on that height where flied They be 154. At this time the aviadispatcher of the airport of Bodaibo who at that time supervised a carcass has seen an error of the colleague and has warned him. silt having had time to rise on 400 metres, itself has noticed danger and has stopped ascent.

According to the chief engineer East - the Siberian management of federal service of air transport of Nikolay Genievsky, they went at an angle and have already started to approach.

the situation to us was commented by the vice-president of Irkutsk country council ROSTO on aircraft Yury SHCHEPEL:

- 1 More - 1,5 seconds, also there would be an accident - planes went for the speed of 950 km at an o`clock. So pilots and passengers were born in shirts. Such situation is defined as the dangerous precondition to flight incident. In this case because of service kirenskih aviadispatchers. Under the federal legislation, flight cars it is authorised to go on crossed courses, but the distance between them should be not less than forty kilometres. In planes They be 154 establish onboard radar stations to find out rain clouds, mounts and other hindrances during flight. They look on 200 - 300 kilometres around. In Boeings During possible state of emergency, except usual sound, the vocal signal which informs pilots all parametres moves also and gives advice, where rulit . In carcasses there is only a sound support. In case of dangerous rapprochement the locator starts to blink and peep.

under our data, unfortunately, on Silt on to a carcass there was no similar automatics. It, by the way, costs about 700 thousand the dollars, therefore not to all our airlines on a pocket.

the dispatcher who conducted planes, is discharged of work before the investigation termination.

In last quarter of the century in our country was three collisions of planes in air. All of them have occurred in the afternoon.

on August, 11th, 1979. Over Dneprodzerzhinsk (the Dnepropetrovsk area) have faced two They be 134. 179 persons were lost. The soccer team " that time has broken; Pahtakor From Tashkent, flying on game to Kishinev.

on August, 24th, 1981. In Transbaikalia have faced civil An - 24 and a bomber They be 106. 37 persons were lost.

on May, 3rd, 1985. In the sky over Lvov there was a collision military An - 26 and passenger They be 134 of Estonia. 94 persons were lost.

Leonids SCHERBAKS, the head of department of regulation of air traffic of Federal aviation service:

- Before the termination of work of the commission it is impossible to name unequivocally the originator in this incident. Perhaps, pilots incorrectly informed the dispatcher on the site?! But it is available, we will tell so, competent work of pilots in a dangerous situation. In Oracle on manufacture of flights it is accurately painted, as pilots in similar situations should operate. There it is a lot of subtleties as it is necessary to consider all circumstances. I can tell only that the one who sees a crossing board on the right, should increase height.