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Russian They be 154 have ruined hindrances

past Thursday in airdrome Kirov in Crimea investigatory experiment upon  destruction They has been made be 154 airlines “ Siberia “. Experiment on which there was a secretary of the Russian Security Council Vladimir Rushajlo, has definitively proved that the passenger liner has been brought down on October, 4th by the rocket With - 200 during educational strelb air defence of Ukraine on cape Opuk in Crimea.

tragical start-up has been reconstructed with the help is antiaircraft - rocket complexes With - 200, computers and the plane - targets the Instant - 29. At start-up of educational rockets which have successfully hit the target, on electronic control screens hindrances, which have been found out, according to the secretary of National Security council of Ukraine Evgenie Marchuka, “ are caused by influence of reflexions from a water table “. It has not excluded, what exactly these hindrances have caused ill-starred failure of support of a target “ Flight “ Head of homing of the rocket With - 200.

Now the conclusions of the Russian commission will be passed the Ukrainian party which should finish the part of investigation by November, 14th.

Why the rocket was mistaken?
Usually during doctrines for rocket prompting it is used so-called “ purpose illumination “. After start of the rocket the radar sends a signal which is reflected from a target and gets to its system of prompting, directing the further flight. In a case with the Ukrainian rocket of event could develop so: the beam which has been started up by a locator, has refracted in air (it could occur on border of air weights to different temperature), has got on a surface of the sea and, having reflected from it, either has dissipated, or has left in an unknown direction. System of prompting of the rocket, without having received a radar signal, it was spontaneously reoriented on larger object - flying by by They be 154...
Alexey BUJLO.