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Women - the kamikaze will blow up an orthodox temple in Moscow?

it was possible to get two photos of terrorists which as consider security services, should blow up one of orthodox churches of Moscow.

most likely, 28 - summer Nada Abi Jadzhi, the native of the Lebanese city of Bekaa, 31 - summer Mona Traboulsi, the native of Beirut, and 30 - summer Fatima Al Murabi, the native Acres, the bride of one of heads of the organisation Al - Kaidy will try to get into the country under another`s documents. Two desperate young women can use German international passports, and one - documents of the inhabitant of Ukraine or other CIS country. It is more about them while it is not known. But, considering the message of the counsellor of one of Islamic groupings of Karachaevo-Circassia Hyzyra Salpagarova that the terrorist 1 bin Laden has allocated two million dollars for the organisation of acts of terrorism on territories of Russia, means for manufacturing good ksiv At women will be.

to wait for terrorists in capital have begun since October, 28th. This day to the Moscow militiamen have handed over orientations and photos of two women - Lebaneses. To find the image of the third prospective terrorist to special services yet it was not possible. The same day protection has been urgently put to all capital temples. Corresponding instructions from special services were received also by the fathers conducting services in churches of capital. Most of all attention today it is given to Christ the Saviour Cathedral as first of all terrorist actions can be directed against it, consider in FSB.

but, naturally, has not managed and without funny things. Superconfidential orientations to terrorists and their photos some of militiamen on a habit have managed to hang out on stands They are searched by militia in local branches and even on bulletin boards on collars of temples.

threat for believers is how much real - christians, anybody today is not ready to tell. But, under the statement a press - services of FSB of Russia, made yesterday, such possibility is supposed.

We have phoned in one of orthodox churches of capital to learn that ecclesiastics and believers think of threat of act of terrorism.

priest Evgenie from a temple of All Sacred in Red Village:

- To tell the truth, we did not see for a long time militiamen on a threshold of our temples, from Soviet period. But now both militiamen have changed, and a situation. Us the operative workers who are in a temple, do not disturb, they do the work. And church-goers strongly are not stirred. Understand, maybe, that there is a threat, but all the same go on services.