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“ the Rocket itself has chosen the purpose more largely... “

on Saturday has commented on the official version of  destruction of the Russian liner They be 154 over Black sea (“ Russian They be 154 have ruined hindrances “ on November, 3rd of this year) . Yesterday in edition the call from rather authoritative expert, asked not to name his name was distributed:

- Me a reserve very much the sabbatical publication “ Not because I want someone uest or to expose, no! But, children, at us ahead still “ Kursk “ secret of its  destruction. If military men wag the same as in a case about They are 154 we never learn truths. It is silly and wrong! To us again dupe on ears, telling about any reflexions in water and etc. Accident They be 154 is a tragical coincidence of circumstances. All the matter is that a reflecting surface of the civil plane in tens times more reflecting surface of a target. Therefore abundantly clear that the rocket was redirected on larger object.

the question here lies in other plane: who in senses and memories appoints doctrines to territories where routes of civil courts lie? Possibility of this tragedy has been put already when the decision on carrying out fighting strelb in this area was made. As far as I know, after tragedy about They be 154 all educational rockets will be supplied with special devices of self-destruction: they will work, if the rocket is guided on “ another`s “ the purpose. It is a correct conclusion. It would be desirable to hope that military men can make for themselves and other important conclusions of the happened. The true, even bitter, is much more important and more valuable than lie.

and At this time
On Sunday morning at the airport of Elizovo at landing has descended from a strip and the plane They has taken off on a roadside be 154 (airlines “ Vladavia “), carrying out flight Vladivostok - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij. Fortunately, nobody has suffered. Investigation is conducted.