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On Muscovites capital deputies

Probably where - that in the West the stamp of the car ministers a welfare indicator, and at us new import " refuse to go even; a wheelbarrow symbolises quantity of debts of its owner more often. I think, deputies of Moscow City Council - not the big exception: they after all servants of the people, and the people in the majority even in in appearance rich capital in luxury do not bathe.
here so always: at first the tax bearer pays for resuscitation unprofitable AZLK, and then - almost twice increased expenses on deputy transport.
we Guess that to us will tell. The motivating after all does not change many years: Volvo break much less often, than Volga and Muscovites and consequently, their maintenance manages much more cheaply; also on fuel we will save. Only here in the confirmed estimate expenses on operation of one deputy car are doubled almost (260 rbl./ hour instead of 142). And forty cars bought by the Duma will manage to city treasury at least in $1 200 000 taking into account every possible discounts which were for certain received by Gorduma.
Meanwhile the mayor of Moscow goes by the domestic car. And that fact that its cost is equivalent five representation Volvo already as - that has no value.
arbitration court which has Taken place one of these days has taken out the decision on which AZLK henceforth it is not considered the bankrupt, and the Muscovite is car.